On the “religion” of immune system suppression

  • TPGS:

    Taken with your opening statement as it brings up as sorts of visual’s within my mind , most dealing with ” Human resource management ” , I love this scenario where we humans are more like ” Live – Stock ” as if the M.D.’s were nothing more than ” Human – Veterinarian’s ” . I’m scratching my head and wondering as to why I never looked at the situation in this light before . Kudo’s my young friend .

    And yes the masses are beginning to look at alternative types of health care . If I may be permitted to be a bit prophetic , you will see a lot more of your generation looking at other avenues of health once the W.W.ll and Korean era generations pass on , as these were the generations that grew up with the ” THREE – SAIDS ” . Doctor’s are no different than any other profession , they will eventually go , where the money goes .

    1) God Said .
    2) The Priest Said .
    3) The Doctor said .

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Massive propaganda is a factor. Plus, it may not be a priority at any particular time, especially for people in warzones or (on the other extreme) with excellent health.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn An odd detail is that veterinarians tend to be much more focused on promoting health than MDs. Nutrition research is applied by veterinarians in cases where MDs are still trying to “perform another surgery to remove the demon of scurvy from within the body of the organism that the scurvy is possessing and attacking.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn A lot of the “ground-breaking” research of most interest to me personally was from the US in the 1930s. As that information started to receive public attention, maybe that helped to create an interest in pushing socialism on the US.

    I do know that the origins of modern medicine are rather nefarious. Scientific credibility has never been a primary concern in that industry.

  • You hit the nail on the head as many Veterinarians have gone out and procured an N.D. degree , just so that they could administer to the People – Animals , and have had astounding success dealing with Human – ailments . 

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn And your reference to god, priest, and doctor is noted. Doctors are low-ranking officers of the Holy Empire. Their rank is below the judges, which make up another level of the oath-sworn, robe-wearing priesthood. The modern system is generally the Roman variation on the Egyptian and Babylon empires.

    In a related note, people may overlook the fact that the UK is a theocracy with the monarch as the official head of the Church of England. The bureaucracy is legally a servant of the monarch and can be disbanded in a moment if the monarch dictates it.

    There are other “heads” of the global hydra of course, with the Vatican and Switzerland playing very central roles. Beyond the public eye, there are the Knights of Malta (SMOM), which is legally a nation even though it has no territory, and then the various other less publicized organizations and informal alliances.


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