10 signs of a ​parasitic system

Parasitic systems are not just things that existed thousands of years ago. They are not just things that exist thousands of miles away.
Further, parasitic systems are notably stable and functional. The spread of parasitic systems (which we could generally consider to include any organization with a flag and a military) has overwhelmed the more primitive forms of social organization across the planet. The key sign of a parasitic system is that it uses military force to intimidate it’s victims in to compliance (or to destroy it’s targets)… while indoctrinating the masses that “consent” is a sacred and holy principle in human relations (along with compassion, unconditional love, non-violence, etc…).
The 10 signs of a ​parasitic system:
promote blind loyalty in the masses to “good behavior”​ (to whatever benefits the system)
promote hysteria / shame in regard to certain “unspeakable crimes” (including the primary trauma methods of the system)
punish unauthorized acts of coercion / theft /fraud / deception / assassination etc
present leaders and champions to attract the hope and trust and devotion of the masses
focus the rage of the masses toward a barrage of threats including “isolated psychopaths” (and terrorize the masses to eagerly support invasive “security” measures)
promote arguing over whatever “controversies” that the media announces as important (and promote conflicts between hysterical, idealistic “reform” movements)
incite military conflict between two groups of “pawns” (passionate antagonists)
promote contempt for “conspiracy theories” and of course for parasitic systems
promote naivete, confusion, complacency and dependency on the system while sabotaging curiosity, calm, and courage
promote isolation and shyness in order to minimize both intelligent conversation and non-compliance to “heroic participation” to whatever advances the interests of the system.
(Nothing should be more terrifying for those in the targeted populations than openly admitting to be aware of the simple nature of The Matrix. Even to question whether one’s own local branch of the system is in any way parasitic could be considered heresy or treason.)
Some people make a public display of loyalty to a system. In particular, those who design a system and benefit most from it can be expected, if relevant to them, to make a public display of loyalty to it.
Further, it can be expected that children who are programmed in public schools (and through commercial media) will develop sincere loyalty and then display it openly and innocently. That can be favorable for their survival and prosperity. Also, shyness can be very adaptive to operating within the system without risking exposure to embarrassing questions about whether one is “properly sincere” in their emotional investment in the system.
One by one, as people relax their programmed hysterias and wake up to recognize the parasitic nature of certain organizations in their midst, they can reduce their emotional investment in the system and re-invest toward more rewarding opportunities. They can notice the programs of self-sabotage that the system installs in the masses. They can notice alternative paradigms and practices as well as the results available through those paradigms and practices.


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