On contempt for the naive masses and… “the ultimate ignorance”

  • What is the difference between the selective dismissal of something as “presumed irrelevant” and “refusing” to investigate? There are many things to investigate, various ways of doing it, and lots of things that Dr. Dyer can say about it. Why should I mind what he says?I am interested in your reply. I consider his comment… ignorant. It is imprecise at least.

    When people presume something to be true and decline to question it, that can be hysteria. Or, it can be time management.

    Why “should” anyone question the superstitions that have been programmed in to them in schools and the mass media and so on? I got credit for writing it down on a test, so it is natural for me to presume it is true, right?

    The arrogance of people who dump contempt on the naive for being naive are… still naive. But they are just more arrogant than most.

    So, a child is ignorant of many things and admits it. That is the ultimate ignorance. What coiuld possibly be more ignorant than not having ANY idea about a subject- like having never even heard of it?

  • To reject unfamiliar ideas and information is normal! In particular, when huge amounts of resources have been devoted to programming people to have a particular presumption, I might notice that it can be a very delicate thing to present them with contrary data. For instance, many “scientific facts” are complete nonsense and always were (even if I got a degree for mindlessly repeating those ideas on some exams a few decades ago).

    • BC replied: Got it. Simply, if someone you know asks you to check something out and be open minded and you reject the idea with little or no information. You could be considered ignorant. This is not the truth of course but rather an opinion. Like your reaction and interpretation. That is my reply, opinion and view. To each his own. I wouldn’t give a facebook quote too much significance though.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn responded back: Yes, plus billions of people are quite ignorant and many of them have been very effectively trained to resist learning and to defend their ignorance in order to main certain social appearances. I certainly was.I consider a lot of mainstream experts to be “intentionally ignorant,” including MDs and PhDs and so on. However, it is optional for me to have a sense of contempt toward the average MD or PhD for having no other experience (or perspectives) but what they have.

      The underlying issue is self-righteousness (as in paranoia about other people realizing that I might be wrong about ANYTHING). I could give lots of examples. I think for now that I will not give any though.

      I will say that it has been VERY interesting to me to be exposed over and over to “experts” and non-experts displaying a reaction of absolute panic and ridicule toward science… while invoking the NAME of science. Humans can be quite fascinating!


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