Is there a scientific debate about climate change and CO2?

Curbing Power Plant Pollution:
  • Karl Fritz The climate has always been changing, will always be changing.
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  • Jason Hoffman He’s missing the term anthropomorphic.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Doubting assertions does not change the assertions. The reports I have seen indicate that global temperatures have dropped in the last decade.

    Also, in some places the fluctuation of winter lows to summer highs has widened. An increase in the frequency of all-time highs in not proof of overall increase.

    The climate scientists that I have seen talking about climate change completely discredit all of the mainstream propaganda. So, debate does not change the fact that when mainstream presumptions are inaccurate, they are inaccurate.

  • Jason Hoffman There isn’t really any scientific debate that the climate is changing with an overall warming trend with local variation and more dramatic highs and lows. Nor is there any real scientific debate about whether this is in part anthropogenic. There is a good deal of political debate funded by the oil industry, however.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Have you seen any data showing decreasing temperatures? Have you seen any recent data showing increases?

    I agree that there is no scientific debate. There are corporate interests promoting a variety of unscientific claims, like that rising CO2 levels would raise temperatures. I could be wrong about my understanding of the science, but the scientists that I saw talking about the issues spoke at length about how variations in solar radiation (and the tilt of the earth, etc) will produce cyclic variations including “ice ages.”

    As global temperatures rise, that effects CO2 levels in the ocean. CO2 levels are not a cause of rising temperatures, but a correlate.

    If “the greenhouse effect” works on a small scale (like in a closed jar of ocean water), then we can test it easily, right? Does raising temperature for that jar of water effect CO2 levels (in the air)? Does raising CO2 levels effect temperature?

    There can be controversy about science, but no controversy OF science. A long list of mainstream superstitions, including the demonizaton of cholesterol and saturated fat, have been pseudo-scientific quackery from the beginnning. There is no scientific debate about it. Correlation is not causality.

    Rather than calm, simple demonstrations of science, politicians make wild claims that fit their political interests. Fortunately, I am quite aware that politicians have no scientific credibility. Further, I do not care about the specific issue here, though I have some bit of interest in the “war on science” that various governments have been creating.

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  • Jason Hoffman Can you please name the climate scientist that you heard talk? The one that indicated that C02 was unrelated to climate change?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, I could provide names. Why should I?
  • Jason Hoffman So I can read up on these claims myself
  • Jason Hoffman What corporate interest is behind the “unscientific claim that co2 levels raise temp?”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Karl, would you like me to post some content on how the sun is the primary driver of temperature change on all the planets?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jason, governments like hysteria. They like new laws. They like new taxes. They like new justifications for a “global regulatory police state.”
  • Jason Hoffman Which corporate interests were you referring to, I would love to read up on any evidence of that.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What is your interest in the matter, Jason?

    My political commentaries tend to be cutting and simple. I focus first on the Prophet Noah and the commandment to create court systems for ruling over the masses of gentiles (ignorant non-Jews). What was the justification publicized by Noah for using organized coercion to colonize foreign nations? It was AFTER the flood: an apocalyptic scenario of a SECOND global “extinction event” that God threatened to execute if the sins of humanity were not “properly regulated” by the global imperialists. (Sound anything like… “to prevent global extinction by global warming?”)

    I typically focus next on the records in the Old Testament of the various slaughters later ordered by Moses (like against the Midianites). However, I do not know if you are ready for exploring that detail yet.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is a very short, simple video on how climate changes like ice ages develop. It is apparently from a freshman level class at Penn State University:

    Play Video

    This video was created for Penn State’s EARTH 103 course (https://www.e-educatioSee More
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jason, as for “[can you name] the one that indicated that C02 was unrelated to climate change,” you misread my statement. I said that climate change causes changes in CO2 levels.

    Are you clear about that (like from the example of having a carbonated beverage in the fridge or out on the counter and how long the fizz lasts)? If you are clear on the science of a carbonated beverage, then you already know all that you need to know about how climate change is related to CO2 levels.

    Oh wait… maybe the reason that the cola was left out on the counter and got warmer was because the rising CO2 levels put it there. LMAO.

    The war on science is a mixture of hilarious conclusions and masses of people who are desperate for the social validation of “agreeing with the statements of popular politicians like Bernie Sanders.” If the teacher gives the student credit on the test for saying that “scurvy is incurable,” then it is a scientific absolute, right?


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