Still investing in the latest “final salvation” through politics?

  • I do not know who made the quote in the image. The big problem with Communism that concerns students of history is not poverty, but slaughter. Tens of Millions of people (just in the domestic population alone) were directly killed by the USSR, Cambodia, China, etc….

    Before you glorify communism, you might talk to a few people who went to a lot of trouble to escape it and get to places like the USA. Are people in the US “forced to labor eternally for meager wages?” No, and they are not forced to whine about it either.

    What I have noticed in the US is an immense arrogance and naivete. In 2003, when I started publishing warnings about global economic transitions, I expected naively that people would welcome what I considered to be simple, intelligent analysis. (I was disappointed.)

  • In 2004, I focused on the issue of rising fuel prices as an emerging trigger for massive change, pointing to Japan in the 1990s as a huge warning. By 2008, when gasoline prices hit ELEVEN dollars PER GALLON in the UK, most people I interacted with were still not especially responsive to what I considered simple, common-sense, intelligent adaptions.

    Now, I respect the incredible effectiveness of the marketing industry is (including the “marketing” of government propaganda in schools etc). Huge marketing campaigns (funded by special interest groups like the NAR) get people to enter HUGE mortgages that are like chasing bankruptcy. Real estate speculation is a form of gambling that is far more high-risk than sotck market speculation.

    Of course, if people are given enough social validation for whining about the next national political solution to a global economy issue, then the LAST thing they would ever do is calm down, use some simple logic, stop waiting for a political savior, and alter their own choices to produce the same kind of results have been sending them in to rages of jealousy.…/stop-gambling-quick…/


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