Is the USA a charity, a Christian nation, or a Holy Empire?

Do people really not recognize that the USA was founded on colonial imperialism? As for being a “Christian nation,” of course we were never a Christian nation in an official way like Britain (which is the leading western theocracy, with the monarch as official head of the Church of England plus the legal dictator- legally entitled to ignore acts of parliament or simply disband parliament).

But, to the extent that the USA has ever been a Christian Nation, it was a Christian nation in the tradition of the Crusades (like slaughtering Native Americans who did not convert to Christianity and politely move to the reservations like nice little Christians). Our slave-owning founders bought and sold slaves. Foreigners might not know that, but don’t we know that in the USA?

As for Stephen Colbert and the idea to “serve the needy without condition,” I give him slack since he is a comedian. He does not need to be historically accurate. His job is to be sensationalist and amusing.

As for charity “without conditions,” every nation has conditional benefits. Our conditions are things like citizenship, passing a drug test, filling out a form properly, and so on.

The USA is not a charity. It is an imperialist military superpower that extracts wealth from its subjects by coercion (mandatory penalties for non-compliance re income taxes, Obamacare, license plates for cars, etc). It is a government. Governments coerce and intimidate (and indoctrinate).

In this article, I make reference to the 1991 official government act to recognize the foundation of the USA’s system of imperialism as the Hebrew tradition. Specifically, President G.W. Bush recognized the historical importance of the Prophet Noah’s 7th commandment (to subdue the people of the earth through the military force of court systems of organized coercion AKA “justice”). For people who do not know, Noah was before Moses.…/grateful-or-guilty…/


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