“Is it simple to be calm? Is it easy?” asks Mooji

HL wrote:

Hey JR. Just to CLARIFY.. hahaha. Those posts I made about peace and clarity weren’t actually made with you in mind as ”that guy/girl”.. Because I think you’re not pushy with it.
I think because you may understand how this process can take some weeks, months, even years. Thank you for your patience. I just figured I’d use the words peace and clarity.

[Some one we both know] is very ”Papaji” about it, as are some others on my friends list. ”Just drop it, its easy”. Uhm, if I recall, he actually said ”It is simple, but not easy.”. I don’t really handle pressure very well, especially when its on an ”existential” spectrum.

So, thank you for your understanding and patience. I do have an interest in peace and clarity, but it feels like a slow steady process, not a quick-fix. And I thank you for that, because I feel like I’ve been fooled by ”quickfix thinking” quite often.

Took at least 6 years to jumpstart the neurosis, so I guess the reversal may take at least a portion of that time. I’m not sure of course, but that’s what it seems like, a steady process.

Take care
a few seconds ago
It only takes a moment to relax tension and experience calm. However, calm is not a reflexive rejecting of external “distractions.”
Calm allows for distractions to arise and subside.
Even confusions can arise and subside.
Tensions are allowed to come and go.
How? By noticing them.
What else? Nothing else.
That part is simple.
If sitting in an ashram with an attentive teacher who repeatedly helps you to notice simplicity, then it is also easy.
Then, someone can go back home to the three kids and tending the herd of sheep and the busy streets as a taxi driver. Is returning to instant calm as easy outside of the ashram as inside of it? Why would it be?
However, it is still simple.
If you are interested in clarity, then the pretense of “inner peace” will be easy to notice.
The pushiness can arise of “I am a very peaceful and relaxed person so you need to get the fuck away from me right now because you are distracting me with WORDS.”
That is a repulsive behavior (an action deisgned to push people away and preserve seclusion).
If [some one else that we both know] pushes and pushes and pushes, then it is not that I push back, but I simply let him be. I allow him to be however he is. If he has no inner simpliicty, then he must enforce with great tension and panic an outer simplicity.
He can be at the stage in which he is maintaining some of the “bubble” of an ashram’s sterility even as he is not in an actual ashram.
That stage is a more advanced stage than being terrified of life outside of the sterility of the ashram.
For him to actually “reach” inner simplicity, his patterns of repulsive behavior [to preserve seclusion and sterility] are relevant and fitting. However, he may need months or years of “partial sterility” before he reaches a new plateau of inner simplicity.

HL [Harry Lieberwirth] replies:
In my case, I am scared, but not terrified…. I do stuff anyway even if it scares me. Because I’ve understood not all natural process[es] are painless or without fear.
This ”need” to exclude fear stems back to the new age ”love and light” phase and into some of the Mooji phases. I actually feel very rejective of anything Mooji says, but I’m thinking its because [someone we both know] likes to hang onto his lips without any question marks… like a bible basher. I actually like Mooji himself, he’s sweet, in a way.

Anyway, side tracking. lol

And again, I guess I cant state it enough, I appreciate your time even just typing here.

JR replies:

Thank you.

The reflexive rejecting of fear is of course a frightened paranoia or anxiety or panic or hysteria. I am not aware of Mooji teaching anything like that. If some people who see Mooji as a resource also happen to display paranoia about “fearing fear itself,” then that may be more a reflection of their personal path prior to finding Mooji.

I also experienced that phase. I am calling it “pro-sterility.” It is an important stage. There are other stages beyond it.

HL replies:

Yes! I am coming to this understanding that all these time-bound experiences are not independent from prior phases, if you will. Otherwise the timeless is unaffected, but I feel that some like to ”hide” behind the absolute in order to ”not have to deal with daily life”. I can’t stand it, even if I did it, and like I said, and like you pointed out, those phases are part of it.

I suppose then, so is the ”rejection” of that pattern, and perhaps further down that line, a relaxing ”in general” may happen. Always being on guard is not much fun.. lol

But its nice for someone to stay in touch with memories of themselves taking part in that, and not condemn it. I’d like that.

JR replies:

Very good. What if the entire linguistic construct of “the absolute” has exactly one purpose, which is as a tool for “avoiding everyday life?” What if it is a “pro-sterility” intervention? What if it is only useful as a method to promote relaxation and calm?

In that case, people who are already calm might not be as “religious” about it as people who are not as calm. Someone famous said that “I did not come to teach people who were already calm and wise and free from condemnation, but to offer something that is valuable to those who are not wise but naive and not calm but terrified and not free from condemnation but ashamed and shy and quick to condemn. Further, there are many who are not even close to ready yet for this initiation.”


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