the seven Noahide commandments

Now, the story that is told here has been passed down from wise elders for thousands of years.

​ Observations were made and then put in to words.​
The details ​of the observations ​were spoken for thousands of years before the development of writing. Eventually, these stories were written down​, first in a single language, but later translated in to other languages.
Not all of the translations are ​equal. Some translations are very consistent with observation. Certainly, those would be the most valuable.
​So, t​he wise elders speak of a time long ago when all life on this planet was within the ocean. Later life emerged from the waters and all the creatures of the land (including animals and plants) spread past the beaches and bays and rivers and went deep in to the interior of islands and continents. Among these creatures were our own ancestors.
​Originally, only s​ix kinds of activities ​we​re forbidden​ to our ancestors​. Here ​is a quick list of​ the six prohibitions​, then explanations.​
First ​ is the prohibition against idolatry.​ ​D​o not mistake anything for the Almighty which is not the Almighty. This is called the prohibition against idolatry. Do not confuse that which is mundane with that which is holy. Only the Almighty is holy.

In particular, do not worship any of these: an idea or a symbol or a sound or a word or a slogan or a statue or an artistic representation or a person or a ritual or a sacred object (such as money). Any person who claims to be a mediator between other people and God is promoting idolatry.

No other person, living or dead, can bring someone else to the direct experience of the Almighty’s salvation. We are encouraged to look to competent elders as guides and even prophets, but not as saviors or bridges that could be responsible for delivering another to salvation. The Almighty alone is the only savior and the only source of salvation.

Also, any person who agonizes about a potential threat or a devil that is alleged to be roughly equal to the Almighty (or even somehow more powerful) is clearly promoting idolatry. All power is derived from​ the Almighty and belongs to the Almighty.

There is no other source of power outside of the Almighty. If something happens, then obviously that event or outcome fits with the Will of the Almighty.

​So, b​eware of those who worship the devil, those who worship a future calamity, and all other forms of idolatry. While challenges and even occasional catastrophes may be inevitable, there is no value in neglecting the Almighty to worship speculations about the future (or the past).
​Further, i​f a confident person tells you that another living organism has entered in to your organism to possess you, beware of such speculations. They may say “it is spreading” or “it has gone in to remission” or “it is incurable.” In the case of certain parasite infestations, such language may be appropriate. However, beware of ​the over-​confident people who do not understand the simplicity of the language of diagnostic labels and then negligently train you to believe in demonic possession by some disease and then ​even ​encourage you to worship that demon.

Only someone who lacks understanding of words would sincerely make such a mistake. Only someone who lacks understanding of health would sincerely label a particular condition “so mysterious to me that it must be incurable​ and no one else could possibly have more comprehension of health such that they would be able to provide a cure​.”

​Anyone sincere who says such a thing simply​ lacks the knowledge to cure ​the condition​. They are telling you exa​c​tly what their medical opinion is worth​.​
​Further, t​hey ​are either intentionally deceptive or ​lack logic (and thus commitment to competence). They may be afraid that you will question their competence (as in their incompetence), so they tend to dismiss simple questions, ridicule claims of favorable results, and attempt to invalidate or persecute those who challenge their idolatry. They may even have the arrogance to call their cynicism and terror by the word “skepticism.”

They cannot deliver anyone to salvation. Again, no one else can deliver someone to salvation.

​Do not look to another person- not even your husband or your wife- to deliver salvation to you.

Only the Almighty brings salvation. Worship the Almighty alone. All else is idolatry.

​Second is the prohibition against murder. Murder is the unauthorized killing of another​ human. Human life is sacred.

Many records of killing in self-defense are clearly not considered murder. Further, many records of killing out of revenge were clearly not considered murder within a particular community.

Specifically, when a community formally agrees to kill someone in public, that is a cold-blooded ritual of human sacrifice, not a murder. In particular, public execution can be done by such methods as stoning, decapitation, crucifiction, or hanging by rope. Public execution is the prescribed the punishment for anyone that a community agrees has violated any of these prohibitions (including the prohibition against unauthorized killing).

Third is the prohibition against theft. Theft is the unauthorized confiscation of or use of the property of another. Property is sacred.
Intentional damage to property is also considered theft. In certain cases, unintentional damage to property may be deemed so negligent as to also be classified as theft.
Fourth is the prohibition against sexual immorality.​ Unauthorized sexual activity can be very disruptive to a community.

Sexual attraction is considered sacred. Therefore, in certain cases, modesty must be considered and regulated. Even public nudity (by individuals above a certain age) can be considered a breach of sexual propriety.

Therefore, children may be given special protection. Unwed women may be given special protection. Pregnant women and breast-feeding women may be given special protection and privilege.

In public, many restrictions relating to sexuality may be enforced to promote harmony and avoid controversy and disruption. In private, certain restrictions and protections still apply.

Regulations relating to marriage should be clear. In a particular community, if multiple wives are going to be allowed to a single husband, the community should be clear whether the husband can have multiple wives at once or whether any prior wife must first be legally divorced before the next wife can be legally married.
​Fifth is the prohibition against blasphemy. Blasphemy refers to acts of communication that disrupt the welfare of a community. The welfare of a community is sacred, including the regulations for promoting the welfare of that community.
Promoting contempt for the regulations of the community is prohibited. In general, anything disturbing the harmony of a community is prohibited.

Further, communication itself is sacred. Blasphemy includes any form of unauthorized communication.

Inciting a riot is prohibited. Antagonistic communications are prohibited. Slander is prohibited. Libel is prohibited. Perjury is prohibited. 

​Sixth is the prohibition against dietary errors. There are a variety of dietary regulations which will not be detailed  at length here. An example of dietary prohibition would be to avoid eating the flesh of an animal categorized as unclean, any flesh that was taken from an animal while it was still alive, or any flesh of an animal killed by strangulation.

Some food is considered so sacred as to only be eaten under strict ritual restrictions, such as intoxicating substances as well as foods that promote fertility or can produce the of miscarriage of a pregnancy. These regulations can extend to the exposure of a body to a variety of substances, including by eating, drinking, smoking, and injection.

Some foods are considered highly valuable, such as the fat of the firstborn ​​lamb. Other foods are considered inappropriate for certain ritual uses or use outside of an emergency, such as grains and the oils derived from grains.

In the famous story of the brothers Cain and Abel, one brother was accustomed to eating food that was known to produce irritability, hormonal imbalances, and painful inflammation of the body, head, and brain.

Cain’s consumption of harvested foods could have contributed to mental and emotional imbalances, may have been contaminated with intoxicating molds, and may thus have lead to cloudy judgment, hysteria, hallucinations, then fits of jealousy, rage, and murder.

Collectively, these six prohibitions are found in some form in all or nearly all human communities. Some communities have maintained a lineage of wise elders to promote the welfare of the community through the adherence to beneficial regulations. In other communities, there is very little attention given first to informing the community members about these regulations and second to promoting comprehension of the value of these regulations.

At a particular point in human history, the health of human communities had reached such a low point that a seventh commandment was added. The Prophet Noah announced a new commandment to establish courts of justice.

These courts would enforce the first six rules through the use of organized coercion on all of the people of the planet. The stated intent was to prevent annihilation of the entire species of humanity.

These courts set up systems in which the populations of the occupied nations were subjected to the rule by the Levites, the other 11 Hebrew tribes, and ultimately the extended priesthood of oath-sworn officers of the court system which eventually included the members of the gentile nations. To support the economic stability of the court system, occupied populations were informed of invented debt claims due to the court system. Failure to pay off these invented debt claims could result in arrest, seizure of property, imprisonment, or even execution.

These invented debts were called taxes and fines, while the unauthorized invention of debt claims was criminalized as extortion. The court system created a near monopoly on the activity of the nonconsensual creation of debt claims within their jurisdiction and then dictated to the masses what method of payment would be acceptable to the court system in paying the invented debt claims.

By dictating a particular sacred object, the court system could dramatically increase public demand for that object. Court systems typically used objects that they had exclusive access to creating.

For instance, armies would be gathered under the authority of a court system and those armies would protect the mines in the area, such as mines for gold or diamonds. Whatever substance was least accessible to the public with the most exclusive access by the court system, that substance would be selected for use in making the tokens that the court system would name as sacred so as to increase public demand.

To the extent that the coercion and intimidation of the court officers was effective in terrorizing the occupied populations, those populations would voluntarily exchange perfectly good treasures such as lambs or firewood or shoes for small shiny trinkets named as sacred by the court system. These coins of the realm typically would be printed with the face of the local ruler on one side and some other symbol of the our system on the other side, such as the temples of the court system with many round columns in the front and then a large triangular area over the columns.

In modern times, along with coins, paper coupons were used. Banking temples were set up for the exchange of paper coupons for coins as well as for creating accounts in to which participants could deposit sacred coins or sacred paper.

The banks would offer interest on the money lent to them by depositors. Also, the banks would offer loans at interest to the public. To promote the welfare of the banking system, rules were created to criminalize the unauthorized activity of making loans with interest.  This rule was only applied to gentiles in order to force the occupied nations to do business with the Hebrew tribes and their banks.

In order to promote the interests of this system, certain information was publicized to the occupied nations through religious institutions, educational institutions, and other forms of media such as newspapers and books. Information contrary to the interests of the system could be ridiculed or criminalized, such as by creating a mass hysteria in regard to anything accused of being hate speech, defamation, or anti-semitic.

Respect those who have the power to direct the attention of the masses. Respect those who rule through the court systems.

This system has been incredibly successful. The general public has been taught blind conformity, especially through mandatory schooling in which the students are rewarded for memorizing the answers provided by the teacher and textbook (as guided by those who regulate the curriculum), then obediently displaying their loyalty to the system by providing the sacred answer when asked.

Questioning the logic of the sacred conclusions is punished with unfavorable citizenship grades. The impressionable youth are programmed to think of citizenship as generally equivalent to blind conformity. The students are directed what to value, what to say, what to do, and how to ask questions. Again, questioning the logic of the sacred curriculum is deemed disruptive and is penalized in a variety of ways, including expulsion from school and the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders.

If the teacher says that cancer is a living entity that posses organisms and is incurable, then any low level student would be peanlized for questioning that. If the teacher says that saturated fat is bad for health, that is the infallible gospel. If the teacher says that cholesterol is a substance made by every animal on the planet in order to poison itself, questioning that is likely to be ridiculed and, if not withdrawn immediately, harshly punished.

However, because of the young age of students when they are delivered these programs of indoctrination, disobedience is minimal. The programming of the masses extends beyond schools to the media and other institutions, such that the public is programmed about what set of issues to consider important. A small set of alternative views are provided for the masses to consider as potentially acceptable. Debate is encouraged within the confines of whatever topic the media has programmed as appropriate topics of attention.

Anything contrary to the primary interests of the system will be censored or ridiculed. In contrast, distractions and deceptions that benefit the system are sacred.

Certain forms of paranoia and hysteria are promoted, while others are ridiculed or simply ignored. Certain conspiracy theories are celebrated, such as a conspiracy theory about weapons of mass destruction or the flying of an airplane in to the Pentagon in September of 2001. Again, other conspiracy theories are ridiculed or ignored.

In general, the system operates to manage the human resources. Their attention is governed. Their interpretations and perceptions are governed. Their behaviors are governed. Certainly, their cognitive function and physical health are also to be kept within certain ranges that fit the interests of the system.

A systematic inequitable redistribution of wealth is a central feature of the system. Propaganda to promote only certain methods for reform is also sacred.

The masses are programmed in regard to what reforms to worship. Then, they are programmed regarding which ritual methods of promoting reform to worship.

What could be more sacred than idolatry? Only the Almightly is holy. All else is merely sacred.



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