Shame on the arrogant! ;)

  • HH wrote: Right and wrong… Good and bad … More intellectual BS , a part of life 

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To call right and wrong “intellectual BS” is rather odd. Is there a right way to get from Paris to Berlin? There are many right ways- in regard to any method that actual works.

    To remove the subjective context from some usage of “right and wrong” and treat them as “absolutes” is what I call “retarded hysteria.” Right and wrong are linguistic categories that are entirely valid and useful. If you are a passenger on a plane, you might agree that there is right way for the pilot to fly it (like such that the plane lands at the destination safely) and a wrong way… within that specific context.

    The fact that all linguistic constructions are inherently subjective does not make them nonsense or gibberish or imvalid. Of course they are subjective. Language is just a form of social behavior. All constructions in langauge are based on a particular conceptual perspective (which is subjectivity). 

    Was that in controversy? Is that a reason to direct shame (using language) toward all those who use language? Fascinating!

    Using language to display contempt for the fact that language is inherently subjective is, again, what I might call “retarded hysteria.” Subjective social behaviors are- gasp- subjective social behaviors.

    So, for anyone who uses the linguistic category of “wrong” to condemn all language as subjectively wrong, you are a hypocrite (and/or a comedian). Congratulations.

    Shame on you. You use words.

    Shame on you. You understand words.

    Shame on you. You are alive.

    Shame on you. You can recognize the experience of retarded hysteria because of personal experience with that mode of consciousness.

    Welcome to the club. You’ve been in the club all along, but apparently no one has formally welcomed you to the club until me, so anytime that you want, you can stop pretending that you are not awake. I can see right through your intellectual BS and it is wrong.



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