“The end of all the stories”

“It just does not matter,” said Sue.
“What?” asked Apollo.
Sue replied, “only that my life has no meaning!”
“Oh, honey! I’m so sorry that you feel that way. Do you want to say more about that? What do you mean?” he asked.
“The stress is way too much. I can’t take any more of this. The world is in chaos. Then, on top of all of that, people are too confusing, right?” said Sue.
“Yes, you are totally right, Sue. You are always right again.” Then, without letting her think about what he had just said, Apollo asked “So, Sue, how confusing should people be?”
“What?” she said, finally actually looking at him.
“You said they were too confusing. How confusing should they be?” he said.
“Are you mocking me?” she said.
“Sue, you look angry. Can you chill out, okay? I am just asking what do you even mean by the word mocking?” he said.
“You always do this, Apollo. You know that I hate it, too. You know exactly what I mean! Don’t you?” she shouted.
“Listen, all that I know is that no one understands me. I know for sure that you don’t. In fact, you keep asking me questions. What more proof do I need than that? Clearly, no one understands me at all. I think it could just be my thick British accent, though,” he added.
“See! This is what I am always talking about. You don’t even care about me,” Sue pleaded.
“Did you hear that? I think somebody just said something.” asked Apollo.”Shut up, Apollo! Talking to you is like banging my head against a… against… um” said Sue.

“It’s like banging your head against a heavy metal concert, right?” said Hugh.

“Hugh!” said Apollo. “Hey man, what is up, you mother puncher?”
Sue said, “that’s not right. That’s funny, yes, but that’s still not right.””Which?” said Hugh. “The mother puncher part or the part about banging your head against a heavy metal concert?”
“Niether one is right,” said Apollo. “If she did not say it, then it must be wrong. She’s always right again.”
“Come on, guys. I am not,” said Sue.
“Oh, but you are,” said Hugh.
Suddenly, Arthur, who had been narrating the entire story so far, pressed the pause button and started making sounds in his own head without talking. He called it reading. Other people called it hearing voices. Of course, he did not listentothem- not even for a minute. So, he started again.”Hugh,” wrote Arthur, who was pretending that there was someone named Sue who was talking to someone named Hugh, “how come you are so funny?” Again, in case you forgot, that was Sue talking.Apollo said, “it could be from his last name.”

Hugh said, “No doubt. Anyone with the first name Hugh and the last name Morris is going to be Hugh Morris.”

“What?” said Sue.”Humorous,” said Apollo Jice.
“I’m sorry?” said Sue, inviting clarity.
“Hugh Morris,” said Hugh Morris.
“Yeah, his name sounds like the word humorous, Sue. Plus, it is me that should be sorry,” added Apollo.”Why” asked Sue.
“Anyone with the first name Apollo,” said Hugh.
“…and the last name Jice,” added Apollo Jice.
“…is going to be very sorry that his mama named him that,” said Hugh, chuckling.”That’s dumb. You guys make no sense to me,” said Sue.
Sure they do, wrote Arthur. At least they do to me.”What was that?” asked Sue.
“What?” asked Hugh.
“Just for a second, it was almost like nothing happened at all,” said Apollo.
“Really?” asked Hugh.
“Really!” Sue replied.
“But actually, if you do think about this for a while, that still does not make much sense, y’all,” said Apollo.
“Seriously?” said Hugh.
“Are you messing with us again?” asked Sue.
“Who?” asked Apollo.
“Me?” said Hugh.
“No, I think it is that old pesky son of a mother puncher… Arthur De La Nova,” said Sue.
“Is he even real?” asked Hugh.
“I heard that he was just a made up person playing a fake role in a movie script,” said Apollo.
“Well, no, that’s right quite true,” said Sue.
“Say more, Sue,” said Hugh.
“What if I do not want to?” asked Sue.
“You mean like if it would not matter either way,” asked Apollo.
“Or like if no one was going to understand you anyway, so why bother at all?” asked Hugh.
“Yep, that is pretty much it. It’s just not worth it,” said Sue Persinik.
“Clever name, huh?” Arthur thought to himself very quietly, mostly because he was the most shy person in the entire story.”Anyway, I can totally get that,” wrote Arthur.  “That super cynic role is not just an optional pretense. That is how it really is.”
“The world is in chaos,” Arthur added with complete sincerity. “I do not just mean that some things are not clear to me personally. I mean that there is nothing that is what it should be.”
“It sucks, right?” said Sue, finally feeling like someone understood her.”Actually, I think it is funny- even hysterical,” said Hugh.
“Okay, sure… I can get that, “said Apollo. “I just want you all to know that I am really sorry about all the trouble and grief that you have had to go through. Just like Arthur was trying to say… in his own retarded way, it should not be like this. It should be a lot better than it is, right? Who’s with me on this? Anybody? Hello? Is anyone there? Sometimes, I feel like I am all alone in my office just typing this right now, people!”
“Look, I can take a hint. You don’t like me. I get it. You don’t have to make such a big deal out of it, though. If that is the way it is going to be, then how about this instead?”
“Wow- I am so excited about this! Are you ready? This is going to be so much fun! Okay? Ready? Here we go. Just a second. Okay, almost there. How about the one other thing, though, first? Let me check. Okay… Right! We are just about to get started. This is it. This is for real this time!”
“Okay, so who else is going to use some words to tell a story next? The idea is to direct the focus of other people and lead them to notice new things and even to relate to old things in new ways. Then, after you train them what to value in their lives and then program them how to relate to their lives, then you may explore a bit to find out if they are doing new things and getting new results. Your turn now. Go!”


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