The disease theory of demonic possession by “germs”

DN wrote: “…we will have to depend on medical science to keep us alive.

Under this model of germ theory health is often measured in relation to the absence of disease, and it seems that the environmentally dependent factors that engender true vibrant health and vitality, are left out of the debate.”

When the priesthood of modern medical superstitions defines health as an absence of symptoms, they do so in a pre-existing social context. They are part of a vast network of human resource management.

Their essential “prime directive” may be competition (profit). So, if they can create lifelongs dependencies on medical science, that could be a great business model- as long as they can keep the masses faithful to their model. Weakening the competition would be an expected, logical tactic.

Further, even in communist systems that do not have such a prominent “profit motive,” there is still the issue of keeping the human resources complaint and able-bodied but not thriving and intelligent. So, paranoia and hysteria are promoted, such as the worship of demons like “the flu” or “autism” or “pneumonia.”

However, none of those diagnostic labels really refer to organisms that invade and possess a victim/host. The demonic possession model which underlies the “germ theory of disease” is simply a natural extension of the demonic possession model of the basic biochemical theory of disease itself (such as possession by a demonic entity called scurvy).


Further, in the case of rabies or exposure to large amounts of alcoholic beverages, we can see some validity to the interpretive context of “possession by a demon.” It may be an imprecise conceptual model, but it is reasonably understandable as well- though in some cases more than others.

The underlying well-being or fitness of a patient or organism is simply not relevant to most memebers of the licensed preisthood of physicians. Their first job is to identify who is fit for work, who is fit for military service, who is fit for trial in a criminal case, and so on. Next, there is the issue of promptly returning the human resources to their social role of soldier or employee or slave or student.

Disrupting symptoms and interfering with the function of the immune system is the specific target of many allopathic methods, such as the use of cough suppressants. These medications suppress the healing process of coughing.

This allows for the close quarters needed in a context of warehousing the human resources. Any soldiers in barracks who is coughing all night will be disruptive to the sleep of the other human resources.

So, long-term individual health is simply not a primary consideration of the priesthood as a whole. Their methods do not target that outcome. Their job is to get the soldiers back on the battlefield (or to filter out any soldiers that are unfit to return to battle and have them discharged from service for issues of health).

The bottom line for me is that the religion of demon worship promoted by the licensed priesthood (and public schools, mainstream media, etc) is excellent for cultivating hysteria and paranoia and panic, such as about fat, the flu, and germs. Hysteria can be very good for their business as well as for the governments that license them (that regulate them or dictate to them the standards of care that will be considered legal but without subsidy, then those that qulalify for subsidy, and those that will be punished as “beyond the approved list”).

Of course, when the UN goes in to a nation to promote certain health practices, they may favor certain pharmaceutical methods. The idea that the well-being of the targeted population is the primary concern of the humanitarians is a popular idea. It can be very important to promote that perception to the targeted population(s). If the targeted population sees some short-term benefits and believe in the overall goodwill of the charitable activity, then compliance rates can be expected to increase.

“Are any of your soldiers coughing? We can give them a cough suppressant!”

Which one do they give? Perhaps the one that they are least interested in giving to their own soldiers.

If the soldiers are coughing because they are undernourished and exposed to cold, what about giving them jackets in addition to medications? Maybe that happens and maybe that does not. (And maybe the jackets have small pox in them and maybe not.)

Can small pox be used to weaken or reduce targeted populations? Yes, at least in the case of certain vulnerable populations.

Can small pox vaccines be used to increase certain “health markers” so that the citizens of occupied colonies (such as Japan’s 70 year occupation by the US military) can better perform their delegated tasks? Yes! As human resources within a vast network that governs people by governing their attention, their perception, and their behavior, the targeted populations can either be sorted as fit for elimination by chemical warfare or for promoting compliance and “law and order”.

Who wants the Japanese (for instance) to be reliable human resources? One interested group are those that loan money to Japan’s governments and then charge the Japanese population paying the interest on loans as old as 100 years ago. Or, in the absence of any actual lending, there is the simple declaration of war reparation debts.

The Japanese government extracts wealth from the Japanese population and promotes continuity of their system of wealth redistribution. The same is true in the US.

Any policy that favors the “national interest” will be implemented and sustained. The “national interest” can be defined as the interests of whoever influences the actual activities of the governing institutions. Further, the public can be programmed to perceive the “national interests” to be “the elimination of the threat of diseases caused by exposure to germs.”

The masses are programmed as to what to perceive as a threat and then what behavior to take to adjust to that perceived threat. If those behaviors lead to a nation of zombies, the zombies themselves may be “extremely unlikely” to make that observation themselves or even to entertain it as a possibility even if it is spelled out for them.

They may say things that “that is not how it should be and we should reform it.” I consider “prima facie evidence” that someone is still operating as a zombie loyal to the priesthood of modern medical superstitions. The zombies worship the demons that they are trained to worship. The sacred ideals that they are trained to worship are the foundations of their interpretations of their lives.

“Save the world from ALL threats” is very distinct from “assess threats accurately and reduce exposure.” The idea that “no one should ever issue threats or experience a need for caution or coercion” is entirely the loyal regurgitation of a propaganda slogan. The idea that “I am afraid of fear itself” is the foundation of the modern religions of hysteria and paranoia.

Fear is named the enemy. Courage is impossible. Pretenses of courage are worshiped. There are many manifestations of this, but they all have similarities.


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