On the meaning of a communication (like “my consciousness is changing the physics of that electron.”)

Harry L. wrote:“Dunno where you stand on the idea that consciousness, or conscious-attention/focus, affects quantum physical phenomena, and perhaps possibly such tiny things as electrons [like the transfer of electrons through a wire grounded to the earth].

I wouldn’t know though, i’ve just been exposed to the idea. I tend to think what i think you mean by physics sort of does its thing anyway.. (and perhaps (the perception of) physics and consciousness cause eachother, or one causes the other, i dunno).

Anyway, maybe consciousness of the process would be helpful, or maybe it doesn’t really matter? [We were talking about when walking around with bare feeet in sand, does paying attention to the possible flow of electrons between the feet and the earth make a difference?]

What have you found, or what do you think? – do you suppose it would be more effective to do it with a focus on it happening, or is that a myth, you think, and it doesn’t really matter either way?

Also, I see how my reasoning of the physics/consciousness thing may be flawed. They may actually be aspects of the same ”phenomenon”, i suppose. Thought wanders. Hehe. Later, and thank you for your attention.
a few seconds ago
Bare feet in sand “fully counts” as grounding.
Grounding does not require attention.
Consciousness and the perception of personal will are EFFECTS that come and go.
While sleeping, there is no sense of a conscious choice to breath and grow hair or grow nails. God just “grows us” whether we notice or not.
Physics is a set of human approximations, including observations and predictions about how energy transforms in to the form of energy known as matter (such as protons and electrons) and back.
In the human mode of relating to experience as hell, “I did this” is required.
“It is MY fault.”
“It is THEIR fault.”
In the human mode of organizing experience as heaven, the audience observes the performance of Acts of God.

Also, on a side note.. My partner likes to say  ”all words are meaningless!” as of late, which seems so recognizably ironic. ”Hi, here’s a bunch of words, saying that all words are meaningless!.” Mkay then. I try to.. clear up communication – really would like to convey what I actually mean, and hear what actually being meant. Clear communication. It just seems so hard to interpret the intended meaning.. or to convey the intended meaning.. and then i guess it’s also not really going to happen with someone that doesn’t want to…. sigh.

J R wrote:

re “Clear communication. It just seems to hard to interpret / convey the intended meaning.”
It is very hard to have a conversation with a rock or a dog.
On the other hand, nothing could be as easy as having a conversation with a rock or a dog.
In human interaction, the ultimate “meaning” of communication may be the result produced.
When selling a car, either I publish an ad to sell it or not. Either I tell others that I am selling it or not. Either someone makes an offer or not, etc….
The only fundamental “meaning” of an interaction is the result of the interaction.
“God is watching all of this, from the agonizing to the foolish humans finally getting the joke.”
If one is experienceing frustration such as in their relationship, that is one possible effect or result.
 Another even simpler variation on the “abiding” idea: “The Lord is here.”




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