“Isn’t the idea of order a naive, absurd deception?”

Above is a cloud formation that proves the existence of ETs.

This next image, which has been alleged to disprove the existence of ETs, is clearly just disinfo propaganda suggesting that the cloud formation shown in the top image is just a natural formation of  warm moist air rising, then cooling, then discontinuing the rise and “spilling” in to a wider circle.

The image immediately above does not even exist (and neither does denial or reverse pscyhology). The false image above (which is not even a real cloud!!!) is an absurd attempt to discredit the established scientific fact that humans are fundamentally absurd because they use so-called “language” (which is entirely imaginary and thus clearly should not be how it is).

RB wrote: The fact that humans are so absurd should give us a clue that the Universe is fundamentally irrational.

J R  wrote:  If order was not fundamental, then how could a contrasting perception of “disorder” exist?

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RB replied:
JR, is chaos the rule with occasional intentional order imposed, or is order the rule with inevitable entropy?

Above is a picture of an alien spaceship abducting the roof of a building.


JR wrote:
A satellite can take a photograph of the earth from above with a clear spiral of the clouds of a type of storm called a hurricane. However, to a turtle being pounded by the winds, there is no perception of an orderly “hurricane system.”There is order. There are various “levels” of perceptiveness, including the misperception of one type of order or pattern when in fact some other type is present.For instance, notice the above photograph of a hurricane. Anyone familiar with the terminology of  different kinds of storms can see that it is a hurricane, right? There would be no controversy, right? Unfortuantely, according to hysterical, antagonistic name-callers, that is not a hurricane, but a cyclone. These evil, sick villains dismiss reality for no good reason by speculating that “a storm is only classified as a hurricane if the spiraling bands of rainclouds had another cloud spreading out over the top of it.”

Chaos is a label that is used in cases in which an observer/witness indicates no perception of pattern or orderliness. To even be able to say “that is chaos” requires a very high level of cognitive capacity (what would be called a high level from the perspective of a zoologist looking at many species).

When ruling the masses, what is ruled is the attention, perception, and behavior of the masses. The theory of randomness or chaos is very useful. To keep the masses disoriented, confused, distracted, and deluded increases efficiency.


J.N. writes:
JR, How can you say there is perceptiveness if there are more species in the universe than you could imagine?

J R replies:

J.N., your question is unrelated to my point. If a person is sick and goes to three people, one may say “I have no idea what is going on and I have never seen anything like this.”
Another may say “ah, yes I have heard of this kind of thing. You have been possessed by an incurable demon called contagious, genetic scurvy.” That observer perceived some amount of order, but perhaps without comprehension and even with misinterpretation/ naïveté.Finally, the sick person may go see someone who understands science well. The scientist says, “oh no this is very simple. You just need to eat more citrus fruit. That quack doctor from the white-robed priesthood of licensed indoctrination just lacks the perceptiveness that I have about what happens when an organism is very low in vitamin. C. You’ll be fine. Relax, because you do not need exploratory surgery to look inside your body for the demon of scurvy. That is just what they tell you because they make lots of money off those surgeries.”

I have forecast many economic changes that the media has been programming the public to perceive as surprising or unpredictable. Perhaps certain special interest groups consider it very important to create massive systems for influencing the perception of the masses through schools and media that “there is no way to predict something so complex and mysterious as delusional conspiracy theories which should not exist and therefore must not and do not… because they are much too disturbing to the emotional idolatries which we have programmed in to you to worship blindly.”

It is the same as when a medical journal has a headline that says “no one understands what causes scurvy.” Maybe there is plenty of clear research on the subject. Maybe the journal editors just do not know or care.

“Disorder is fundamental” is an absurd religion worshiping ignorance and confusion. It is very important that the religion be programmed through schools and the media so that the masses of human resources can be managed efficiently.


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