“Making sense of language” (by Daniel Fritschler)

Guest author Daniel Fritschler wrote about language below. His comments are similar to but distinct from how I would address the issue.

On that note, I am also including audio from an 87 minute dialogue between his son and I. Late in the dialogue, his son asks a question and below is the father’s answer. At the end of the audio, I give mine.

Perhaps the idea of being “good with language” or mastering the use or interpretation of it is to become open to the concept that there is no inherent meaning behind the expression of it. There are contrasts sure but it may be possible that when someone is using language to express, their meaning isn’t always interpreted in the contrasts they are using but sometimes in the emotion or body language that is behind it.
The idea that some language leads to salvation and/or attraction, heaven and other language leads to agonizing and/or repulsion, hell can become a joke or punchline. When we experience resentment it is possible to condemn, ridicule or antagonize others in a sincere fashion or SPIRIT. It is also possible to recognize or become aware that we are doing this and then use a SENSE OF HUMOR about it as we continue using the same language but in a COMPLETELY different SPIRIT.
Language is what creates CERTAIN distinctions that would otherwise not exist and so what? The idea of mastering it may be as simple as noticing the patterns that we can get caught up or tangled up in. Religion is an excellent example as how many have met God, Allah, Jesus, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Mary, Saul etc.? So it isn’t as if they are caught up or tangled in the EMOTION of these so called literary characters at all BUT THE LANGUAGE that was read or repeated to them. This by itself isn’t so much an issue unless in this tangled web that is weaved in language one finds themselves experiencing paranoia or panic based STRICTLY IN LANGUAGE.
The comfort level to approach all language and expression with a SENSE OF HUMOR or SENSE OF HUMILITY can be a vital sign that one’s own vitality is coming back and in this process there is total seperation of an identifying character and the USE of language or expression. The master of linguistic activity does not see importance in one set of divided labels or shapes or a lack of importance in another. It simply is what it is and as Shakespeare wrote “to be, or not to be, that is the question” and by that he may have been saying a persona can be built up with language and it also can be torn down.
Of course persona is defined as the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others. Obviously that is talking about language or the expression of it and can that ever be the ALMIGHTY, all-knowing, be all end all creator of all things, including language or therefore the many personas? Hell no. That is as long as you don’t reside in metaphorical hell AKA being tangled up in one set of linguistic labels AKA one particular persona. bwahahaha
It may be possible heaven, or that label, or salvation could be about flexibility or the curiosity and humility of a child when it comes to language but what was the original sin anyways?


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