Did President Jefferson support the rights of slaves to bear arms?

Are you someone who has a history of putting content on facebook (for instance) that makes reference to the gap between actual behavior patterns and various popular social ideals, such as among politicians and the mass media? If you openly criticize the biases of popular media, then that implies that you *notice* the biases of popular media.

Let’s dig a bit further though. I may have occasionally implied that just because some phenomenon seems new to me, then it *must* be a new thing. In most cases, I target the “heroic patriots” who want the US to go back to the good old days of justice and fairness and freedom, like when slaves were slaves and women were too. How about whining about how we need a return to economic equality, like in the 19th century when Vanderbilt and Morgan and Carnegie amassed huge fortunes… or ancient Egypt in which the Pharoah collected annual earnings that were 1.95 million times as large as those of the average slave?

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson supported the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution, yet seemed quite upset when someone suggested that his slaves had the right to bear arms. “My niggers? Aw hell no. Y’all must be trying to get your ass whupped talking like that. Somebody needs to shut their face before I unload some bullets in to yo skull. Ya feel me?”

Later, Andrew Jackson was quoted as saying “we need to respect the inherit rights of all human beings, which is why we are invading the south. Also, if we have to kill a few thousand native americans in the process, the less of them around the better. That is why I only support shooting schoolchildren if we light the schoolhouse on fire first to give them fair warning. I’m not budging on the heroic mercy of this sacred policy!”

(Here is a cool book on President Lincoln’s planning sessions with Union generals to use terrorism to advance their cause. I have not read the book, but I understand that the history reported in it is uncontroversial in terms of accuracy: http://www.amazon.com/War-Crimes-Against-Southern-Civilians/dp/158980466X )

Mocking the hysterical idiocy of “heroic patriots” (like I used to be) opens the door to really inflammatory references, like to the origins of court systems. However, I have addressed that many times before, so I will just keep this article as a concise challenge to all of those idealists who still worship sacred pretenses to preserve a savior complex. I certainly used to do the same thing. In fact, maybe I still do. 😉


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