Is life “meaningless?” What would that mean anyway?

Only in language are there extremes or polar opposites. Duality in direct experience does not exist becuase IT IS WHAT IT IS, RIGHT?

Unless perception brings with it a filter of perspective, which is language based, there cannot be two or more meanings to the experience. Only with language, or in comparison with langauge, can multiple meanings occur… be it with expression or viewing(perceiving) through a lens or mask of a persona.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In reply to your comments, linguistic interpretations require language. Linguistic meanings require language. Was there some other kind of interpretation or meaning that you were imagining to exist outside of language?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for polarity, we can assert that there are physical qualities of a bright light (like the sun at noon) as distinct from a faint light or a totally dark room. The fantasy is that DUALity exists outside of language.Only in language can the full spectrum of reality be divided in to discrete and isolated groupings like “either true or false but nothing in between.” The reality is that the linguistic idea of duality, while convenient, is quite absurd.

    I can say that there are only two categories of color, or only 6 or only 24. All of that is totally absurd.

    Color, however, is not absurd. It is the hysterical worship of language that is absurd.Language is amazing. Without language, there would be no such thing as the hysterical worship of idolatry. There would be no absurdity or nonsense or gibberish. Only in language do those things arise.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Take the statement “life is meaningless.” That is imprecise.There is no inherent interpretation for life itself or for any development in life. Interpretation is not inherent. Interpretation is interpretive.

    Life has no particular, exclusive meaning. Every meaning that exists is one meaning of life.

    The idea that life has only one meaning is not just absurd, but hysterical, delirious, nonsense. The only thing dumber than that is the idea that there is no meaning whatsoevertolife- that all meanings are meaningless.

    Meanings are just meanings. Life includes multiple meanings. So what?

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “So what?!?! So that is a HUGE problem!” – worshiper of a huge problem
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  • Daniel Fritschler Haha you go man….do the worm or be the man in the box…BREAK it down

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    • Daniel Fritschler There would be no duality without language because all colors or shades can only be separated by the language or labels that define them….sunrise and sunset all one thing without different labels to define it….huh?
    • Daniel Fritschler Yes meaning is the birth and eventual death of itself.
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    • Daniel Fritschler On and on it goes….
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Sunrise and sunset are not isolated identities. They are distinct “polar opposites” of contrasting quality.

  • Daniel Fritschler But without language they would be directly experienced only as in not dual experiences also not labeled differently….follow along should I slow down?
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  • Daniel Fritschler By the way isn’t it amazing how the sunrise and sunset labels are bullshit…as if the earth is just perfectly still….where do morons exist? All over
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Duality is not an experience. It isjustatypeoflingustic framework.Language approximates experience/ sensation. Language gives meaning and interpretation to life. Life brings meaning and interpretation through language.

    • Daniel Fritschler This is why language is the devil who wants or needs meaning and interpretation anyways? Give me the experience any day free and clear of all the nonsense…I want to be a cave man.
    • Daniel Fritschler I enjoy being a dog or an infant. Fuck all the nonsense of interpretation and meaning… is all constantly shifting and therefore MEANINGLESS but for a moment in so called time
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Meaning is added. So what?”Nonsense” is also just an added meaning.
      • Daniel Fritschler I guess so what nothing….other than what isn’t realized is meaning pissed all over the actual joy of the experience…it disrespects it constantly….such is the nature of meaning…..”Oh my experience is better than yours because it has MEANING” bahaha. Whatever that means as most try to one up the other…how about just experiencing dumbasses
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      • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, I agree completely. All of those other people who use language are suchlinguisticators!If only they would stop interpreting with language in ways that are slightly or greatly distinct from how I am using language, then… then… everything would be… then… uh… you are not just a pest, but an ^annoying^ pest!
        • Daniel Fritschler Yes…if they would only learn the CORRECT way to interpret then and only then the Kingdom Of Metaphorical Heaven would be upon us…but now because of them I burn in hell for eternity…those bastards…..

          J R Fibonacci Hunn Of course, dualistic language is also relevant in many cases. In nature, we can talk about the absence of presence of something, like a particular sexual organ.There can be either/orpolarities like male or female. However, we still; might find occasional hermaphrodites. (Or, in some species, there seems to be an actual complete sex change possible during the life cycle of an organism).Ultimately, the issue may be that there are two basic category of creature: fertile organisms capable of becoming pregnant… and “everyone else.” Next, we can differentiate between those immature females who are expected to BECOME fertile adults capable of bearing children.In regard to bees or ants, we can say that there is the Queen and then “the rest.” Anyone who is bearing offspring can be considered “worthy of special favoritism or protections / restrictions.” In insects, a particular organism is fed the royal jelly and that diet creates a radically different body than the genetic twin sisters who are fed the much less nutrititous diet and become infertile, barrren “drones.”


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