“Deal with it” (Part 3) [Going beyond mere sincerity]

  • J.R had written:

    If you go to a job interview and the interviewer is a woman and she is “insecure” because she is jealous of your figure or whatever, you can either condemn her or you can be powerful about your power over her. When someone gives you power, what do you do?

    People evaluate based on their values, their interpretations, and their perceptions. The ideal that “People should not judge” is ironic.

    Arrogance is the idea (or the hysterical delusion) that other people SHOULD naturally have as much interest in my opinions (or my experience) as I do. That orientation could also lead to frustration.


    8:48am She replied again:

     I never realized someone or at times people give me power. Until you just said that. I saw it as me being attacked just for existing. It is a more powerful space to see it as “they gave me power”. Thank you.what i tend to do when People look up to me, is i try to make them happy or laugh. I want people to feel good and enjoy life…

    I don’t think people should have as much interest in my opinion as i do…. Yet i do think people should llook to themselves first, and wonder why they are judging? Jealous? Or whatever. It brings new insights for ones own personal development and access to upgrade their own conversation
    When u say people evaluate etc based on their interpretations etc… That is true.. And what we learned at Landmark Education is that we interpret based on our “already listening” [our inherited filters] … Our context….. Our identity… Which…. If not being generated in the moment, is defaulted to machinery .. Past based… And is therefore not by conscious choice… Thus a disempowering context.
  • So. If people want to “judge me” from their machinery , their past… And be disempowered in their lives and not create for themselves what they desire…. i will just hold the space, be a clearing and be me…. Generating fun, laughter, non judgemental joy.
  • Again, thank you for your insights and wisdom…. And the energy you put into considering all this.

  • Today
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn
    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    You are welcome. Regarding “it brings new insights… And access,” I think of curiosity as the ultimate cure for “upsets of sincerity.” What people call sincerity is so often just presumption held stubbornly (in fright) and thus without attention / mindfulness.

    Since many of the sincere presumptions are programmed through schools and media and churches, they may have a lot of popularity and thus it is rare to actually question them.

    It can be important to identify “rackets of sincerity” and be mindful of moderation when disturbing those presumptions with direct attention to them. Upsetting people unintentionally can be rather counterproductive, right?

  • 3:38pm

     I have generally found that I prefer to discover my own habitual pretenses when there is not a spotlight of attention on me (without the pretenses being made in to a public spectacle by some other person or people). Sometimes I remember that preference when interacting with others (in regard to what I perceive to be their sincere pretenses and frightened, sacred presumptions) and, if I forget, then sometimes I am quickly reminded by witnessing the reaction of a “predictable” upset.

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