Ron Paul heroically condemns “reverse psychology”

  • MA wrote:

    JR, What you’re saying, in more succinct language, is that learned helplessness is widespread, and that individuals should think for themselves. 

    That is one of Ron Paul’s messages, BTW. Although I disagree with him on a couple of major issues, I have no beef with RP. His son, however, is a whole different matter.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, “learned helplessness” is programmed very efficiently. However, I did not say “individuals should think for themselves.” That idea is actually rather preposterous if taken literally.

    Where did I learn language? From someone else. Where did they learn it? From other people. In fact, I read in a book from 300 AD that language has been around nearly 200 years already.

    So, how did I develop a capacity to notice logic (and logical fallacies)? I have no idea. I just notice.

    Language is a system for influencing other humans. Humans use it to direct the attention of others (“Look up in the sky. There is a hot air balloon!”).

    We also use language to direct the values and perceptions of others (“I will reward you if you write down on this test paper that our school and especially this class promotes independent thinking because that is why our holy empire is the gentlest in the history of organized coercion and ritual human sacrifice”).

    Because langauge can be used to program the interpretative model of other humans, they can also be trained to respond in particular ways to their programmed interpretations. (“Because of the horrible problems from which we must save the world so that we can earn our way in to heaven, we must now assemble our squad of protestors and go on a parade down the main street with signs that say that we value our privacy and do not want to draw atttention to ourselves. Be sure to let the local media outlet know so that they can come and film us and put it on the TV news tonight.”)

    Many people are deep in hysterias relating to social approval. In schols and boot camps and so on, they were trained to operate in those hysterias of chronic tension and social pretense. (“Yes, our empire is the gentlest in history. However, I heard that the new guy did one bad thing, but that is the only bad thing in our history. For example, everything that we do, we later publicize as good and so within 30 or 40 years, we once again have never done anything but good things. Why? Because we are a kinder, gentler empire just like my hero Thomas Jefferson said- well, according to my CIA-approved history book which was in no way influenced by Masonic or Jesuit interests because if it was then it obviously would have said so on the front cover of the book.”)

    Many people worship “political salvations.” Rather than exploring their own use of language or their own use of time/financial resources, they argue over how to stop the government from being biased in their protection of free speeech because we all know that back in the good old days the government was totally unbiased- like when Southern slave-owners revolted and the “real” government said “we are not shooting them for expressing their opinions in general, but for expressing those opinions in particular!”

    See- that is a totally different thing, right? Governments always say “we promote freedom of speech.” That is why President Nixon went on TV and so often said “we think that the events of 9/11 may be a sequence of tragic coincidences. Conspiracy theorists who assert that there are organized networks of terrorism are people who need permanent psychiatric confinement without any formal criminal charges being filed against them.”

    In other words, prior to the tragic events of February 30th, 1847, the USA was perfect. Now, we must do everything that we can to compensate for the horrible shame that we should feel for having ever been fooled by propaganda. We need to make the US conform to the ideals that we have been trained to worship. That is why I am voting for the candidate that I like the most, unlike all of the other idiotic voters who are just operating based on programs pounded in to them by public schools and mass media.

    In breaking news today, Ron Paul and Miss Piggy disagree over who should be the new judge on “Project Runway All-Stars.”


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