The hysterical language of a demon-worshiping school nurse

🙂 The core issue is that most people are deep in hysteria, worshipers of preserving their chronic tensions, addicted to distracting themselves from a simple recognition of what language is. For instance, schools program the masses to be rewarded for conforming to authority, like someone writes some “true or false” questions and then the schools train the students to suppress curiosity and instead simply read the test items and then present the sacred answer approved by the sacred makers of the sacred curriculum: “Our country is the best in the world because we promote independent thought: TRUE!”

Johnny provides the sacred and holy answer to the sacred and holy test and then everyone claps for Johnny and so when Johnny grows up he is disappointed and frustrated when no authority comes to present him with more tests of “how to conform the RIGHT way” and then reward him with standing ovations. Johnny writes in his secret journal that “I would suspect that I may have been fooled… except that I confidently insist that I am the smartest person ever, so obviously that must mean that I could not have ever been fooled!”

Then, the ritual continues as the culture creates immense cognitive dissonance: “Since you have been mindlessly trained with the presumption that we should all be patriotic heroes to promote the good of this country, plus given that we worship the ideal that the good of this country is based on promoting independent thinking and preventing outbreaks of herd mentality, then next we must go out and protest that schools promote conformity over curiosity. It is a tragedy! It is a threat! Elect Ron Paul as savior (or his only begotten son)! Panic because we must rescue our tribe from all of the traditions of our tribe. How else are we going to avoid the eternal tortures of hell and earn our way in to HEAVEN?!?!”

So, the infantile humans mindlessly learn to identify what patterns are promoted in their social context as “good” and then emphasize those patterns in their own life and even pretend to be more “good” than the average “competitor” within that subculture. Also, the humans identify what patterns are demonized in their social context and then suppress or hide those “bad” patterns.

Because of my superior perceptiveness, I never believed in Santa. When the sacred institutions of “scientific authority” tried to train me to be hysterical about eating too much cholesterol, I was too smart for them. I raised my hand in 4th grade and said “Stop teacher- I think that you are mistaking correlation for causality. If every healthy liver on this planet makes lots of cholesterol for lots of reasons, and then you find cholesterol at the location of some injured tissue in an organism, it seems obvious that the cholesterol is there for the repair of the tissue. Once the tissue is repaired, doesn’t the cholesterol level drop back to normal? Basically, it seems hysterical to presume unscientifically that the increased presence of cholesterol is somehow the cause of the injury to the tissue.”

Sure, the teacher said that I was being disruptive and then suspended me, but then the angelic school nurse with big tits came to my rescue and prescribed some medications to “relieve my anxiety.” She said in a sexy voice: “this slightly addictive drug will impair the function of cholesterol in your brain so that you can play well with others again just like you did when you were 3 years old.”

“But there is also some bad news,” she continued, as her voice suddenly changed to resemble Rodney Dangerfield as if it were all some sort of a dream! “Unfortunately, you have been possessed by a demon called hypothermia. So, we will impair the function of your immune system very efficiently and then, when we have confirmed that doing so does not really help, we will be forced (by the sacred guidelines of our religion of licensed priesthoods of indoctrination) to do a very expensive surgery to remove the demon of hypothermia from your cold and heartless chest cavity.”

Alas, the demon-worshipers were too late and so when they cut in to the chest cavity to remove the hypothermia that was possessing the victim, all they found there was a heart possessing the body of the victim. They attempted to remove the heart (which contained deadly poisons such as cholesterol) in order to save the life of little Johnny, but the demon of hypothermia must have killed him first. The ritual leader of the demon-worshiping priesthood wrote down on a sacred piece of paper that Johnny’s liver had been possessed by cholesterol, a demon known to spread to the heart and allow for another demon called hypothermia to not only possess Johnny, but cause his body temperature to dive. Yes, the hypothermia caused the body temperature to dive, causing the demon worshipers to worship the demonic hysteria of “mainstream medical science” and that is when Ron Paul was elected and everyone was instantly delivered to utopia.


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