True or false: Schools reward blind conformity



Modern schools are primarily systems for rewarding the mindless repetition of pre-selected answers to pre-selected questions.

  • Daniel Fritschler likes this.
  • Daniel Fritschler Primarily true.
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  • Daniel Fritschler It isn’t just about what is taught but really more about limiting one’s own ability to think for themselves AKA outside of the given box or paradigm. Not that it works on everybody but the masses maybe.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Everyone is affected. There are also inputs or programs from other sources: mainstream media, churches, and of course everyday life.Being physically close to other people nearly constantly will naturally set up an attention to the other people. I spent a lot of time alone in my youth which corresponded with the arising of curiosity.Yes, I also watched plenty of ESPN. However, if no one was around to talk to about ESPN, how interested would I have been in watching it? Was I spontaneously curious about how to excel at tennis?

    No! People focus on organized athletics not because of raw interest in the activity, but social encouragement. For “unorganized” athletics, like rock-climbing or tree-climbing, all that you need is a child and no supervision and the opportunity to explore. No encouragement is needed. No instructions are needed.

    When something get institutional publicity, that automatically interrupts innate and instinctual pursuits. The “popular” focus may be “counter-cultural,” like “drug culture,” but the “negative” attention to “illicit drugs” is still the programming of attention on to particular subject matter.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Values are programmed by schools, churches, and the media. That is what those institutions are DESIGNED to do. They direct attention. They program interpretations. They promote specific responses to the programmed interpretations.How do the masses relate to authority figures? However they were trained in public schools!

    Are counter-reactions programmed? Whether formed intentionally or not, consistent programs of counter-reaction are observable. “Non-conformists” have a strong tendency to “rebel” in very specific ways (conforming to very specific forms of “non-conformity”).

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Take a 2-party system. It controls the dialogue. The “left” and the “right” agree on particular subject matter as important and… everything else may be largely irrelevant. They generally agree on the subject matter that is important. That is the game.Of course, one group may occasionally be clearly “dominant” or more popular. That may be incidental.
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    • Daniel Fritschler Actually thank you for correcting me…it does not work on some as well as some others is what I meant to say above.
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