How do you remove a diagnostic label from your sentence?

  • Below is a continuation of a dialogue that I recently made in to a blog. The correspondent’s public reply on facebook is pasted below, plus my reponse.I did not find their first reply below to contain much of relevance, but I include it here in case you would like to see it. As a reminder, we were discussing “Rheumatoid Arthritis.”
    Could be a lot of things, there are genes associated with it, however some people with the genes for it never get it. Woman mostly get Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus too. Estrogen may be involved somehow as the female immune system is more complicated. Many with Rheumatoid arthritis if they get pregnant, the disease seems to go into remission. Then there are viruses like Epstein Barr & cytomeglavirus a form of herpes that some suspect. Also since 80% of the immune system is in the gut, some suspect a loss of beneficial bacteria like B. Fragilis that controls the T cells from attacking. It could also be toxins or a combination of all of the above. If just detoxing cured everyone sure they would do it. Some do try, & it has done little or nothing, or only worsen the situation. Have tried a few detox things, teas & milk thistle & so on, nothing …. or made situation worse. Strange disease centuries old. Christopher Columbus died of Rheumatoid Arthritis after suffering for many years from it.

    Raw organic cow anything against the law here in U.S., hard to get, & if you are on immune suppressants even more of a risk if not pasteurized. So around in circles we go.
  •  I see my glass half full, so am lucky, one day maybe there will be more than just control, …. a cure. Believing in miracles a good thing, also a logical way to get to the miracle, studying, learning, understanding, doing what you can, trying to figure out the science behind it, understanding the mind of God so to speak the nature of things & why they are the way they are, cause, effect & so on. Take care and appreciate what you have, especially your health!
  • Know a male in my amateur radio group with Rheumatoid arthritis, he had chelation therapy 2 or 3 times. It never cured him. Another funny thing about R.A., some have it worse than others, Who knows why?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Well, RevB, I consider this to be a “hijacking” of the thread in a way. However, this close to the original topic, so maybe not….Electromagnetism is simple. Acidity /Alkalinity/ pH is still electromagnetism, so it is still simple.
    Included are “before and after” images of someone who was exposed to a certain amount of a strong acid (plus some reconstructive surgery). Is the electrical charge of acid a simple thing or a complex thing? People who do not understand a simple thing can experience confusion about a simple thing. If you worship the “terrifying demon” of a diagnostic label that is “possessing” you, then that sets up a few kinds of possible interpretations and then a few possible responses to the interpretations.
    Note: one does not respond directly to the raw data or reality, but indirectly to the interpretation of the raw data or reality. So, you can tell me that Santa Claus died of scurvy and therefore you have no hope of ever removing the demon of scurvy from you, not even after repeated surgeries.
    To me, you are full of presumptions that you may stubbornly cling to. “I need a miracle to remove thedemoon of scurvy from me.” Right, and when an MD says something, you mustbeleive it because there is no such thing as a conflict of “opinion” between differentMDs.Their interpretative model is based in demon worship. It has its value. It also has its limits.

    I say that the issue simple and that your situation is easy to help. If you say anything else than “I am open to help,” then you are not saying that.

    Inflammation in its most general sense is a very simple thing. Do you agree?

    Joint inflammation is a simple thing happening in a joint. Do you agree?

    I tried 19 surgeries to remove my joint inflammation plus two pills and 5 months of chelation therapy, but none of it “removed MY inflammation.” Does it have you or are you the one clinging to it?

    Inflammation is an effect, not just a cause. If you worship it as a cause, you will experience powerlessness or helplessness in relation to it. You abdicate your capacity for causing a new effect to… a diagnostic label that you worship.

    “I cannot remove this label from my vocabulary.” That is hysteria. You do not need to remove the demonic label from your vocabulary. You can either continue to take the actions that will produce inflammation or stop taking those actions.

    Rev B replied:


    • Neither. No reason to & am not clinging to it. This is where Science of Mind can get crazy. It does not have me, I have it under control with medications provided by science & medicine & the grace of God. What about a 1 year old, born with joint inflammation? I get a kick out of people like you, so, cure it then. Good luck with your hypothesis, go out & just do it. Cure cancer too while you are at it, I suggest you start in a science laboratory with documentation. And no, life or disease is not always a simple thing, one day however we will figure it out, then as people live longer we will have to move off planet, as we won’t have the room! LOL!
      I am open to help, however smart enough not to waste time also. God helps those, that help themselves.
    • Then I replied:

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If you are interested enough, you can find the existing documentation. Obviously, you are not interested enough to do a search on google until you find it yourself.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is one article on research (at the University of Arizona) exploring how a moderately alkaline substance “reverses” breast cancer:…/grant-fuel-baking-soda-cancer…

      Drinking baking soda has been proven to reduce or eliminate the spread of breastSee More
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Incidentally, I sent a short commentary like the one here to the professor in charge of that research correcting some of his presumptions and misinterpretations. He did not reply, but I did not expect it.


      Yes this a hijacking of [this] thread. Thank you for the info. Namaste.

    • J R Fiboncci Hunn You’re welcome
      RevB:Worth the research to see if it helps.Would’nt it be great tocure all cancers with “baking soda”! Estrogen can cause breast cancer, that they do know. As male hormones, testosterone can cause prostate cancer. Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, as smoking & pollution lung cancer. Then again there are genes involved, some even think viruses may be linked to various cancers, as well as toxins. Hopefully one day we will be better equipped to handle & cure these things. I believe we can.
      JR:Yes, increasing alkalinity (if done in harmony with the body’s electrical circuitry) or other methods of providing an excess of electrons (relative to protons) always “help” to counter acidity and thus to counter all diagnostic labels for the natural results of various complications relating to acidity, such as inflammation, pain, mitochondrial failure, and “cancer.”The technology to cure these things has been around all along. For instance, every human produces baking soda in their pancreas. What can take a while is for institutional ignorance and arrogance to catch up with basic science.

      As for viruses, yes they also show up in response to acidity. What if they disappear when the pH is returned to the normal range of 7.35 -7.4? Then that might mean that correlation is still not causality!

      I will add in closing that it is interesting to me how people may use a statement like “the T cells are attacking” instead of a much more precise and scientific interpretation, such as “the T cells are dismantling the selected cells.” Or maybe attack is a good word. But let’s explore the following:

      Acidity does not attack. It simply magnetically pulls electrons away, which disassembles nearby molecules with relatively “weak” bonds. When a cell concentrates an acidic electromagnetic charge in a particular region and then that region of that cell is pulled toward another region of another cell, that is not exactly an attack, like “the demon attacked me, jumped inside my mouth, and possessed my tongue, forcing me to use the word ‘attack’ in every sentece.”

      That process is the biological mechanism for breaking chemical bonds. That what certain cells are designed to do. Any hysterical labeling of that process is purely interpretative.



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