A radical new persceptive on spirituality





A radical new persceptive on spirituality

side perspective of trees

Read this from the bottom up. Scroll to the bottom, then read one paragraph at a time, starting with the very last one. Begin now.

perspective of trees from below

Last is the capacity for the soul to witness the persona as merely a temporary figment of language; The soul endures as personas change- for the soul AS a child, the same soul AS a youth, then AS an adult, etc. The soul witnesses the persona’s attempt to reach “salvation” (which is a poetic metaphor for a re-unifying of the persona and God- which is inherently hysterical, delusional, and delirious- for that linguistic metaphor false presumes an isolation of a persona from God, which is impossible since the persona is like a branch of the pre-existing divine tree. The branch always is entirely composed of the tree. Rituals to “reunite” the branch to the tree are all poetic, hysterical, playful, figurative, dramatic, comedic, theatrical, pretending). The soul, which has no capacity to condemn, but is the “Divine Feminine” principle of love (the Holy Spirit), witnesses the play or the fiction as simply a play or a fictional performance “forgives” the persona for the “sin” of portraying a “fallen” persona with chronic tensions of hysteria, shame, delirium, and delusion, and the idolatrous worship of a particular formation in language that can be called “my REAL persona.” In conclusion, sarcasm is the absolute worst form of reverse psychology, which is why it not only should not exist, but cannot.

Next comes the capacity for the persona (the fictional role or identity) to argue, condemn, agonize, rationalize, compete, ridicule, hide, distract: “Yeah, whatever but… look at what is really important: this right here should not BE like this!?!?! How insulting! How disgusting! How improper! Anyway, like I was saying before, no other photographs of that sign from any other angle are me! I am ONLY this isolated persona right there in that one photograph who is heroically sorting reality in to how it should be and how it should not be, then of course I must heroically save the victims of reality by condemning the villains and then making reality in to how it really should be according to some linguistic ideals that I worship instead of reality as a whole. By the way, if you keep getting in the way of me saving reality from reality, then we are going to have a serious problem because of your evil conspiracy to frustrate and sabotage my desperate panic to earn my way in to heaven!” (This form of sincere idealism is known as “the hell of the eternal darkness of avoiding forbidden negativity because negativity is very bad and frightening, such as fear, which is evil.”)

When the linguistic pattern of “I am only me… [this isolated persona!]” is present, that pattern can develop its own momentum or inertia or “karma.” The reality of a constantly changing multi-dimensional array is “frozen” in to a particular “shadow,” like taking a single photograph of a sign with the word idealism and then worshiping the photograph as “me.” All of that is delirious, delusional, hysterical. (This is called “the fall:” implying a rejection or discounting of the fundamental primacy of God: the eternal, inclusive, almighty creativity which branches to form mortal living things such as stars and organisms and planets and cells.)

“Since I am a ___, then of course ___”: The capacity to identify one’s self (one’s being) as a lasting pattern of linguistic interpretation called a persona. ” Only a persona would ask complex jokes like: “Hold on, what is going to happen to the SOUL of the coconut once it is broken open and we drink it’s milk and eat it’s flesh?!?!? I’m worried! Should we say a prayer first so that whne the coconut dies, Santa Claus gives it some virgin coconut oil virgins as a reward for being a good coconut?”

“I am a ___”: The capacity for interpretation, presumption, & speculation (which allows for very rapid learning, but also complex misinterpretations, confusions, pretenses, hysterias, & deliriums)

“I am ___”: The capacity for simple language (which allows for exclusive emphasis on particular linguistic identities such as qualities, action, & objects: i.e. “The blue bird flew.”) The exposure of a maturing human infant to language may be called “conditioning” (which is from the roots con-dict, meaning “with speaking” as in “with diction”). Keep in mind that God is the source of all capacity for language, all languages, all words, all sequences of words (such as these that are on this screen right here), and all capacity to witness language and even magically and effortlessly decode the sequences of symbols in to intelligeble ideas. “Ideas” mean patterns of attention (or organizations of attention).

“I?”: The capacity for noticing, awareness, memories, & learning (only in animals that can “respond,” unlike plants that only have reflex): some call it “soul.” (This soul is called “immortal” in the sense that it was never physically born.)

Next are distinct tangible mortal “bodies”: galaxies, solar systems, planets, continents, islands, valleys, *organisms*, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, quarks, etc (note: government jurisdictions are not “organic” and neither are “constellations” of stars- which are arbitrary “appearances” that correspond only to certain points of reference. For instance, if you take a picture of a forest from a few different angles, like next to it, inside of it, and above it from a hillside, then the visual patterns formed by the trees completely alter. There are infinite two-dimensional “shadows” of three-dimensional arrays.)

Before anything else (such as languages and labelings), first is the eternal inclusive almighty creativity. (Everything listed above is a temporary form or manifestation of the fundamental creative capacity that can be called “God.”)


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