The Supreme Faith of the Almighty God

When one confronts faith, by which I mean an openness to all possibilities without attachment to any idea or ideal, then my past practices of sorting out what should have been and what should not have been may seem now to be rather arrogant (naive, hysterical) condemnations of the Will of God.

 However, if God is Almighty, then all condemnations are also the Will of God. I need not be ashamed of my past history of vilifcations and condemnations and shamings and so on.

I may have been naive, yes. I may have been hysterical, yes. I may have been ashamed, yes. I may be again.

One with faith need not be paranoid about avoiding such things. In fact, it could be useful to recognize any future instances of naivete, right?

I may have judged my own life as imperfect. I may have judged celebrities and politicians and peers and family members and so forth. I may again, right?

I may have hysterically feared “negativity” and “the devil.” Do I recognize that there COULD BE a category in language of an inclusive Almighty (as in all-powerful) creativity? How can there be anyone to even approach contesting with the Almighty? Could any perception in regard to “a God that fears the devil” have been a valid interpretation, but one that is simply not monotheistic at all?

Could it be wise for a human to fear “negativity?” Perhaps. However, perhaps it is even wiser to respect negativity- rather than any kind of hysterical paranoia about it (condemnation of it, etc)….

If I declare that “I am settling” for some particular circumstance, so be it. If I declare that “I claim as mine” some particular contrasting outcome, so be it.

If there is only one Almighty, then that one creates all creations: all languages, all sequences of words, all voices, all listeners, all perceptions, even all religious traditions and rituals and historical developments. Well, which part of “The Almighty creates all” is unclear?

Perhaps it is very clear. Yet, perhaps I may have been pretending otherwise. Eh… well, you know what I really need to do before I can be happy is to save all the terrified naive people from being terrified or naive. Then, again, that could also be pretending to be pretentious and I might do that or I might not.

The Supreme Faith of God is a distinct thing to experience. An Almighty God does not need my faith in the Almighty God. Faith IN God loses my interest completely once the faith OF God is what I experience as the possibility which is now present already.

I declare peace with my own past. I declare faith as my future.

Hmmm…. I could really get used to this. 😛


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