How much of mainstream medical “science” is quackery?

A simple example of what I call the “quackery” of modern mainstream medicine is the neglecting of the issue of electromagnetic charge. If a single strike of lightning can kill a human (or cat, dog, etc)  regardless of their diet, exercise regimen, or medication, then maybe electromagnetism is far more important than all of those other factors combined, right? 😉

(Above is the scar of someone who survived a lightning strike.)

What happens if you dip some living tissue in to a container of battery acid? The electromagnetic charge of the strong acid will tear apart the chemical bonds of almost any molecule, including in living plant tissue or living animal tissue. Anything from extreme burns to itchy small pink rashes can be produced by exposure to acid.

What about the mildest electromagnetic charges? If a small amount of weak acid is put on skin, an inflamed rash can result (a mild acid burn). When exposing skin to sunlight, inflammation can result (burns). It is generally the same as exposing the skin to a flame (or anything hot).

The odd thing about modern medical science is the apparent ignorance among most practitioners of the issue of internal acidity (even though the subject has been conclusively studied and is in no controversy). When the acidity comes from the interior of an organism (as in the case of “acidosis”), then once again inflamation can result, such as inflamed joints (“arthritis”) or inflamed organs (“pancreatitis” & “appendicitis” & “gastritis”) as well as cancer and many other diagnostic labels that essentially mean “tissue that is too acidic / has too low pH” etc. Just as exterior acid will cause burns or inflammation, interior acidity will also cause burning or inflammation (though only in proportion to the availability of reactants such as O2).

For instance, why does baking soda reverse cancer? The reason is because “cancer” is the label for the natural results of a certain range of acidity and “baking soda” is the label for a slightly alkaline substance made in the pancreas for the specific purpose of neutralizing stomach acid.

Cancer is a symptom of acidic tissue. Baking soda neutralizes acidity.

While it is very clear that cancer research has generally targeted away from something simple and cheap like baking soda, the effectiveness of baking soda in neutralizing acidity is not in question. In fact, it happens in every single digestive system.
The primacy of the issue of electromagnetic health

Further, not only does baking soda bring electromagnetic balance to an acidic environment (such as the very acidic contents of the stomach that are released in to the intestines), but that reaction between the alkaline baking soda and the acidic contents of the stomach will produce salt, which is important in bioelectric conductivity. The formula below shows how the body combines the chlorine from the stomach acid (HCl) and the sodium from the baking soda (NaHCO3), producing NaCl (salt) as well as carbon dioxide and water (and the formation of water is quite important as will be detailed below).


Why does salt dissovled in water increase the electrical conductivity of water in your body?


“Why did the salt make the water more conductive to electricity? Kitchen salt consists of sodium and chlorine molecules (NaCl). The water not only separates the salt molecules one from another, but also separates the chlorine and sodium from each other [dissolving the salt and isolating the Na+ ion from the Cl- ion]. There is one change in the chlorine and sodium atoms as they separate. Elemental sodium weakly holds one excess electron and elemental chlorine has a strong attraction for a free electron, therefore as the two elements separate from each other, the sodium gives up one electron to the chlorine. In this way, the sodium becomes electrically positive and the chlorine becomes negative [AKA “electrolytes”]. They have become ions. The molecules of salts… become ions when dissolved in water [such as in the small intestine]. They dissociate into particles of opposite charges. It is the ions that render the water conductive to electricity.”


Why don’t most physicians currently consider as simple and fundamental issue as tissue acidity? Ultimately, the history is trivia. The fact is that by focusing away from primary mechanisms toward less relevant issues, the efficacy of the medical treatments must be greatly reduced than what would be possible if using highly relevant models, tests, and interventions. The more that physicians (and anyone else) are interested in efficacy, the more dedicated they will be to researching highly efficient methods to promote health.

So, acidity will always burn tissue (by tearing apart existing chemical bonds so that the “liberated” hydrogen atoms combust / combine with oxygen atoms to form steam / H2o). The acid burns can range from first or second degree burns to very slow burns (chronic inflammations) that should produce the warning signals of chronic pain (such as in the case of arthritis).

What does mainstream medicine do in such a case? Mainstream medical practitioners have noticed that cholesterol levels concentrate in inflamed areas in which tissue needs to be repaired, but then they may make the hysterical assumption that cholesterol is causing the damage rather than repairing it. Based on what we can hope is simply ignorant hysteria (rather than conscious harm), many practitioners interfere with the repair mechanisms. They do nothing to counter the acidity (and thus nothing to counter the inflammatory effect of acidity), but instead they simply impair the healing process.

In other words, if there is enough electromagnetic potential to produce cholesterol and deliver it to the site to make repairs, then mainstream practitioners *efficiently* interfere with that process. Again, they do not just interfere with healing in general, but they do so very efficiently. They efficiently interfere with healing.

Why? Well, that is what they are paid to do, isn’t it?


On the hysterical conceptual model popular in mainstream medical “science”

Another element of their hysteria is the way they use the diagnostic labels like “arthritis” and “cancer.” They may say “your cancer is growing” as if cancer were a living organism. Cancer is simply the label for the effect produced by severe acidity. Cancer is not a demon possessing any organism. Cancer is not a god deserving of your worship.

Some may say “Your arthritis is spreading.” In other words, the natural result of acidity (to produce inflammation and thus pain) is manifesting in an increasing number of joints. There is no “substance” of arthritis that is spreading like a blossoming flower. Arthritis is just a label for the natural result of a certain electromagnetic imbalance of acidity, not a living demonic possessor.

What do MDs offer? “First, we can efficiently interfere with the pain signals.” If someone wants that result, the MDs can efficiently offer it.

“Next, we can efficiently block cholesterol production.” Every liver on this planet produces huge amounts of a substance called cholesterol. That substance is used in every cell membrane, is a huge component of a healthy brain, and is used to make essential hormones like cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, and several other natural steroids.

So, why do paranoid MDs panic to interfere with cholesterol production and utilization? A few well-promoted researchers made the mistake of confusing correlation with causality, which led to the hysterical vilification of cholesterol. But so what?

If an MD tells you (or even merely implies) that cholesterol, which your liver should make in abundance, is more dangerous than the powerful electromagnetic charges of cancerous extremes of acidity, then maybe you should find another MD.

Some acidity is very important

Of course, your body also makes a powerful acid called hydrochloric acid, but that is not a problem either. You need lots of acid for your stomach to do it’s job.

In fact, many people have the reverse problem, of not enough stomach acidity, which ironically is what leads to acid reflux. If your body does not have enough acid to digest proteins in to amino acids, then your body may produce an emptying of the contents of the stomach through the mouth. Why? Because undigested foreign proteins SHOULD be attacked by your immune system.

You may not be unusually “allergic” to undigested proteins. You may just be unusually low in stomach acid. Lack of stomach acid will result in undigested foreign proteins getting in to the intestines, which can lead to allergic reactions and even acid-reflux / GERD. A long list of symptoms can all be eliminated simply by promoting electromagnetic functionality.


Why isn’t medical science focused on health instead of profits?

So, why doesn’t medical science focus more on issues of electromagnetic charge such as acidity? Again, the specific history is trivia.

For simplicity, consider that they simply are not very focused on promoting health. The continuing use of such low-quality medical “quacks” by the mainstream population implies that the mainstream is also not very focused on promoting health either (or else they would stop worshiping the uninformed opinions of “quacks” and would demand better results by taking the time to research making a new choice in regard to effective treatment methods and competent care providers).

“Yeah, but… I can’t use the clearly effective method because my insurance gives me free access to things that clearly do not work well and have a long list of negative side effects.” Well, let those folks encounter some self-respect or else let them keep worshiping their familiar religion of demonic diagnostic labels.
If someone trusts their government so much that they presume that their government requires MDs to act in the best interest of the patient (instead of the best interests of the MD and the government), then the patient can agree to the recommendations of the demon-worshiping priesthood of mainstream medical “quacks.” If someone is focused on promoting health even at the possible cost of sacrificing their allegiance to a particular institution, then they will identify the actions that produce health, take those actions, and get the natural result of health.

The institutions can either follow the leadership of those who are brave and committed or else the institutions can dissolve. Of course, if certain institutions hysterically defend their hysterical methods (and attack alternatives hysterically), that should not be a surprise to anyone. Their religion is based in hysteria, right?

So, how will the mainstream institutions respond to the crisis of collapsing confidence in their promises and propaganda? I don’t mind either way. That is an issue of relative trivia to me.

One possibility is that they will encounter some extreme health issues that motivate them to develop some self-respect. With self-respect, they can emerge from their prior hysteria in to a skeptical openness to highly effective models and to the inexpensive methods of promoting health (rather than hysterically and efficiently suppressing the physiological symptoms of neglect and abuse).





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