MS, Arthritis, Autism, & demon-worshiping MDs

This image was posted on the timeline of a local “new thought” minister that I met several years ago. The dialogue below is between myself and a different new thought minister. I did remove her full name, but she mentions (on a “public” thread in facebook) various diagnostic labels and drugs that she has used.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What if all of those are just as easy to relieve as they are to produce? I recovered from being crippled by Multiple Sclerosis (among other things).
    Rev B.:
    Congratulations. Relieve is one thing, cure is another. The biologicals work wonders yet have side effects, taking weekly injections, get your blood work checked every 3 months or more, living with what was supposedly a over active immune system that has now been suppressed. No fun. All drugs have side effects. Just don’t dwell on it, get out & live the best you can. Sounds like you are doing this! Congrats!
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Rev B., I think you were responding to my reference to “relief.” I could not walk in early 2007 and had no idea why. With $5 of raw organic cow cream, (plus a brief free conversation to educate me), I had a complete and permanent end to my primary symptoms overnight. MDs like Terry Wahls have conducted regular clinical trials to confirm the biochemical mechanisms. Once they figured out how to produce MS, it was pretty easy to treat. However, I have been most impressed not by my own recovery using biochemistry, but by the mind-blowing power of physics (and electromagnetics / pH) in regard not just to recoveries, but profound improvements in health far beyond the “average baseline.”

    My other main health issue was kidney stones. I had several in 2006 and never since then. So, I tend to avoid term like “cure.”

    If someone dips their arm in battery acid, there is no “cure” for the simple electromagnetics of a strong concentration of acidity (unpaired protons). When the same thing happens internally, we can call it “cancer” and we can “cure” the low pH by adding unpaired electrons (“raising the pH”). However, most of the people using the term cure are talking within a largely superstitious paradigm in which diagnostic labels like “cancer” are more or less worshiped as demonic entities that possess a victim. That quackery is grossly imprecise.

    It is like saying that someone with low levels of Vitamin C is possessed by a demon called scurvy. There is no “cure” for scurvy because there is no demon of scurvy possessing anyone (and never was- no matter how many sincere but ignorant specialists may have talked about finding a cure for scurvy).

    Rev B.:

    What ever works for you, have tried a lot of holistic stuff, still try. Still must look at my glass as half full, I appear normal, however when in my Rheumatologist’s office & I see deformed people in wheel chairs & etc… I must thank God ….. I know what they have & are going through, I know the pain well, thank God for the grace of God go I.

    The first year was diagnosed Enbrel came out, that was in 1998. Then Humira & quite a few others. Some people I know with MS have taken these bio-modifiers too, for some, they work. It is heartbreaking to see the kids with R.A. Some only 2 or 3 years old. Kids 10 – 12 years old with multiple joint replacements. You are always wondering what would happen to all these people on these expensive miracle drugs if we had some kind of national disaster & people can’t get them, or keep them refrigerated? Over $3,000.00 a month for Humira alone, the med. I take. Only hope am lucky & my immune system weakens as I age, or straightens out somehow.

    As Ambassador & advocate for the Arthritis Foundation I push for a cure. Since a lot of research is funded by the drug companies, it makes me wonder. 80% of our immune system is in our guts. B. Fragilis controls the T cells or modifies the cells that attack. Exactly what the biological modifiers do.

    As Jesus said as he healed “He that believeth in me, the works that I do, shall he do also.” He repeatedly stated, over & over, “these things I do, ye shall do & even greater things.” I believe we can find a cure, however the drug manufactures do make a lot of $ treating. I do what I can for myself & others.

    Being a part of several Arthritis Foundation support groups, you would not believe what some go through. Hard to take & listen to. A lot of horror & negativity, however they really need to share their burden, & I understand. R.A. changed my life from science, technology & teaching, & in that I was praying so much …. I became a Minister! A Metaphysicist I think I always was. Actually in many ways a scientist I will always be. The “Force” works in strange ways. Meanwhile Ad Astra (means on to the stars) & Namaste!

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn RevB, When I saw “RA” I thought that you meant “Regressive Autism” at first. I’ll address arthritis below and autism first. You seem pretty open so let’s see if what you read below “rocks your world” in a good way….

    Regressive Autism takes some time to completely reverse, but I understand that the success rate is 100% for people who use the relevant protocol. It could cost a few hundred per month generally- not counting grocery costs for the dietary restrictions. I could tell you more if you are interested.

    The big issue is that most people are satisfied with the quality of care of the demon-worshiping priesthood of MDs. Otherwise, people would not continue to go to them. Motivated, discerning, committed people would go online (even to a library) and search for what produces the best results. Then, they might go back to the MDs and say “can you offer me something better than this?” 

    Obviously, there can be many MDs who do everything possible to restrict competition, but some of the parents of kids with regressive autism also happen to be MDs…. If someone hears an MD say “I have never heard of it, so it *must* be ineffective,” and then does NOT question the ignorance, arrogance, and negligence of the MD (privately or openly), then they may continue to take the actions to get the results that the MD can offer.

    As for your stories, I probably would not be shocked by your stories. I have worked in nursing homes and also watched my parents deteriorating. Also, I was 36 when I lost the ability to walk. My own journey has had “some bumps.” I have read a lot of case studies and clinical research too. My sister is a PT & LMT (& somewhat open-minded).

    Arthritis is not a demon possessing anyone. It is simply a label for “joint inflammation.” Beware of those who worship the label without any apparent comprehension of the basic physics of the matter.

    You can produce inflammation lots of ways- a hot stove or the pavement in Mesa in June, or too much exposure to the sun which will burn skin, or sticking your arm in a mild acid, or… chronic internal acidity. Arthritis and the long list of other chronic inflammatory conditions all correspond to acidic pH (more protons than electrons) within some particular internal tissues. If the pH of the skin itself gets acidic enough, then a visible rash will form (similar to a sunburn, etc)….

    Arthritis may develop in specific joints more than others. That just shows the different pH in different tissues. Arthritis is a label thrown around by ignorant specialists who are not really that committed to your well-being or else they would have been eager to research the issue further and would be open to alternatives rather than terrified and cynical and antagonistic. (Note also that the main researcher that is the source of my references here about pH and arthritis was also an MD himself before encountering devastating health issues that immobilized him and thus he became very motivated to look beyond his medical school training, which he did with tremendous success.)

    So, arthritis is not a demon. The demon-worshipers have it wrong. They are simply quacks- though they may also have access to pain relief medications that many people value.

    However, when tissue is inflamed, it SHOULD be painful. A healthy person experiencing inflammation SHOULD experience pain so they know to research changes to make… so that they can not just reverse the inflammation and pain, but start to move their organism in the direction of health.

    Once the imbalance of pH is resolved, then the inflamed tissue will heal and the pain signals will no longer be produced. Blocking the pain may be convenient, but it is not an improvement in health. People with weak joints and no sensation of pain will be likely to experience damage to their joints like sprains and breaks.

    As for “over-active immune system,” that could be an immune system handling lots of toxicity. MDs may attack the immune system itself. Better might be to strengthen the immune system to remove the toxicity more efficiently, plus dramatically reduce the input of toxins.


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