who has never been fooled?

Who among us has never been fooled? What 3 year-old was skeptical about Santa Claus? 

Be humbled. Someone somewhere has fooled you somehow. 

We do not need to spread the truth about Santa. We do not need to save the children from being gullible- which is another compulsion typical of one who is still ashamed. We do not need to crucify the conspirators who deceived us about Santa… Or anything else. 

Be humble. Be cautious. Be alert and astute. 

Respect that sincerity is not accuracy. Respect that some deceptions and secrets are enforced by assassination and torture- yes, even today.



What if agonizng over “My own contribution to the problem” is the trivia of those wallowing in shame? (Same for villification- no practical value to me at all!) Defining the networks of deception (regarding thing like healthy “food” and “medicine” etc) as a problem is… the root of the problem of relating to life as a problem.

Guilt and depression are the result of defining the problem that way. What if the past is not a problem? What if you begin a new exploration with “beginner’s mind” – one that some people call “yoga?” (Jnana / dhyana / zen)

That is “making friends with negativity.” That is withdrawing my habit of condemning the past (out of social anxiety to be perceived as “positive” and “part of the solution”).


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