Why shame (the idea that something is wrong) is wrong

TD wrote:

This is my take on another mass shooting that took place in the United states today….
“People are so busy being selfish they don’t rally care what’s being done around them. How the media, governments, powers that be own them and know how to control them. This is outsourcing our thinking and is not freedom but fascism. It is not an isolated event but is connected to so many other evils it is not one person that is to blame but how we, as a society create the circumstances for these events. People who are unhappy consume so our whole economic structure depends on unhappiness and a feeling that we are inadequate, this actually started with a thing called Original Sin from the bible which tells us we are, by are very nature, bad . So we have so many people that are angry, feel lacking and are generally not well. A society built on a foundation of inadequacy and lack will snap as we have seen again today.


JR replies:

Shame is a perception that it is safer to hide something than to display something- even to present pretenses and distractions. We could also call it modesty. It is intelligent.

That is the ancient Hebrew teaching. What some Catholics and other Christians did with that simple observation might be called foolish or retarded. Their translations and their label of “original sin” are what might be called “apostasy” or “heresy” or even “idolatry.” They worship shame instead of worshiping divinity.

Inside of a context of shame (a terrified panic of insisting that something that exists is wrong to exist and should not exist at all), there can even be the idea that “shame should not be.” It cannot get much more ironic than that.

Rather than being humble or modest and repenting, billions develop their shame in to a full blown panic of condemnation and say things like “who is to blame for this?” “What should not be how it is?” “Selfishness should not exist which is proof that I know better than God, the Almighty Creator of everything including me, who is an arrogant prick who projects shame on others and deserves eternal punishment!”

What a joke!

“We need more laws! We need more panic! We need more shame! We need more paranoia!”



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