how governments manage human resources

It is fascinating to me how effective propaganda can be. Institutional education and media are used to program the masses to perceive a variety of remarkable things. Of particular importance is programming the masses to perceive certain governments in certain ways.

Governments redistribute resources. They might in some cases also do things like operate mines (that “extract and refine” resources), but generally speaking most governments are not the primary “producers” of wealth, but just regulators of people.

Take certain states in the US in 1779. Slaves were property of their legal owners. The private owners directed the slaves to work in their cotton fields and so on.

Governments just protected the legal rights of the slave owners. They just helped to keep the slaves scared and obedient (if not even enthusiastic).

Governments just regulate people. Governments regulate human resources. Governments manage human resources. Governments govern human resources.

I do not mean a few governments. I mean all of them.

Every government job I have had involved governing human resources. Of course, private corporations also go to great lengths to influence and govern human resources, such as by offering them money in exchange for labor.

Governments are unique in that they create violent court systems and armies, then extort wealth from the masses through taxation, and then define the form of payment that is acceptable to them (creating public demand for the currency that they dictate as the “legal” way to pay the tax debts that governments invent out of thin air). Of course, governments also regulate competing operations of organized coercion and piracy.

I do not mean a few of them. I mean all of them.

This is not a complaint. This is not a condemnation. This is an observation.


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