how governments manage human resources (part 2)

  • (these are replies to the recent post, plus my replies to the replies)

    JL: Very true. Always love to hear your perspective. Even tho in the past it bugged me.

    That is it right there a veil. We all must lift it or look past it.

  • MP: Through that regulation and re-distribution we are provided many resources. We receive access to a lot that we don’t always want to look at the cost of – Do we choose this?
  • JL, The truth is very disturbing to those who are in a terror of shame and presenting pretenses in order to cover their shame. It makes total sense that they would be repulsed by the truth, either intensely or mildly in proportion to the intensity of their terror.
    M.P., in regard to the benefits that I receive from living in the jurisdiction of a global superpower (an imperialist militant state), it CAN be interesting to know the mechanisms behind the benefits. More important to me is to know how to receive the benefits and avoid the punishments & costs.

  • If I live in Alaska, I would file my paperwork and get my several thousand dollar annual stipend funded by the oil industry’s payments to the state government. I do not need to know that it is the abundance of oil in Alaska that funded that check. I just need to know how to cash that check.

    Further, it can take time to adjust to the bright mid-day sun if one has been in the dark. I mention this because most people are totally “in the dark” about the mechanisms of government and, like I was noting to James, to be exposed to truth can be very disturbing to a young child or a guilty, sensitive adult. If the idea that the US government may have ever done something cruel or brutal is disturbing to you, then be sure to focus away from those subjects (and, on that note, avoid my blog, at least in the near future).


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