being well-adjusted to a “profoundly sick society”

JR says: Based on what standards does one categorize a society as “profoundly sick?” Does that mean not fitting to an individual’s personal ideal of what should be? Bwa ha haha!

Health implies surviving to reproduce and thrive (relative to other species and organisms), right? Thus, the best measure of individual health is to thrive and produce thriving offspring.


TD wrote:  over intellectualizing a very profound statement is not needed to understand the message.. Over thinking is as much the problem as we “think” it’s the solution.

JR replies:

 I have studied Krishnamurti extensively. He was quite intellectual. 

A more precise way to say what he meant- as I know the context- is that just to be successful in some specific context is not equivalent to health or happiness or real intelligence. That is a fine point. To worship it though is just another idolatry. 

As for “a profoundly sick society,” I consider that to be over-intellectualizing and even arrogant, depending on the context. Shame and Terror (about the exposure of shame) are very common experiences for masses of civilized people- for that is how they are trained or conditioned.

If jiddu’s comment is to offer a relief to that terror and shame, it makes sense to display some repulsion to the source of the conditioning. Beyond that, it begins to sound like an infantile tantrum (which can be very popular among those worshiping new age guilt).

However, it is also valid to refer to a society as efficient or rigid or merely frightening. “Sick” is completely poetic, not scientific.

If one is “stuck” with resentment or condemnation of any pattern within reality, that is not freedom. To insist that the reality of some society is a problem is not a solution. It is hell. It is misery.

What I present here is a profound statement. Jiddu’s statement was merely sensationalist. Some of his statements about freedom are totally consistent with what I say here and are far more profound, in my opinion, then his reply to someone else using the term “profoundly sick society.” Was he just using that phrase in a dialogue and peeling the layers of presumption away from someone else’s phrase? 

If so, that is mindfulness and freedom. If not, that is foolish resentment and shame, implying a corresponding thought like “society should not be like it is and I have been poisoned by it so I should not be how I am and thus I am stuck in this self-rejection.” That may be popular, but it is delusional nonsense.

TD added:

i do enjoy your rants… Seriously. You must read steiner too





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