Why learning is fictional, impossible, and should not exist

Let’s talk about deception. First, is there even such a thing as deception?

The simple answer is no. Humans are only able to assemble sequences of words that are completely sincere as well as accurate.

Next, if there were such a thing as deception, would it even be useful? Eveeryone knows that because of the immense intelligence and incredible perceptiveness of all humans including newborns, there is no way for deception to even be possible.

What else is there to say about this thing that not only does not exist, but it also impossible? One more important thing to note is that clearly it should not exist.

Now, perhaps you have heard about the undercover cop who said that he was actually not an undercover cop, but was in fact really intending to become a life-long member of a particular organization that was known for conducting activities that some claimed to be violations of various criminal laws. Before I go any further, I just want to say that all accusations are preposterous and should not be taken seriously.

Next, beware of any conspiracy theory. Some U.S. President once got on TV (somehow- I am not sure why the mainstream media was even interested in what some U.S. President had to say about anything) and then he talked on and on about a conspiracy theory.

He said that there were a series of attacks on a particular day in September of 2001.  He also said that these attacks were not just coincidentally happening all on the same day. He suggested- even insisted- that there was a conspiracy. His theory has been repeated several times by various familiar media outlets.

What does the frequent repitition of that man’s conspiracy theory say about the credibility of those media outlets? Is it possible that media outlets would ever be involved in acts of deception?

Because there is no such thing as fiction, again the simple answer is no. There is no possibility of deception. People are just too smart for that. That would imply that fiction also exists, which is impossible.

Further, because fiction does not exist, we know that there cannot be two different labels applied to the same thing. For instance, one cannot simply paint over one layer of paint with another layer of paint and cover up the underlying layer! That is entirely ridiculous.

Indeed, even if fiction did exist, it should not. Why? Because that would upset the delicate balance. Which one? The delicate one.

Different languages do not exist because I can only understand one language, so for me there is just that language and then various sequences of gibberish. Multiple interpretations of the same event cannot exist because that would imply that one of them might be less precise than another, and such confusion is entirely unacceptable.



Deception would complicate life by allowing for such things as delusions. Delusions are not even real, so by definition there cannot be any such thing as delusions.

Delusion should not exist. People should never use deception intentionally or unintentionally. Fiction should not be tolerated, which is why censorship is essential.

Scientific controversy must be hidden by mainstream institutions. The idea of controversy should be ridiculed.

There is no controversy that when the FDA says that cholesterol is simply a poison made by billions of organisms to commit suicide, fiction should not exist. People should not be foolish. Self-deception should not be delusional.

It is good to know that there are institutions defining for us what is possible and what is simply impossible, as well as what should be and what should not be, as well as what is important and what is trivia. Because it is good to know that, then undercover cops cannot use logical non-sequitors in order to distract people from the prior interruption.

Condemnations of fools for being fools is a sign of ultimate wisdom. To accuse some person or group of being a fool is the most important thing ever. Contempt is a sign of fundamentalism, which is the highest level of spiritual development.

We must discredit those who question things that should not be questioned. We must ridicule those who say the kinds of things that someone programmed by institutional propaganda would say.

Show the world the irony of hypocrisy in order to save the world from deception. Reveal the truth so that the no one will ever be deceived in the future.

Protect the people from fiction and conspiracy theories and delusion. Delusion is a sign that the real world has ended and some other world which is not how it should be is masquerading for the real world.

Know what other people find reassuring and say only that. This makes the human resources easier to manage and control.

Arouse them with scandals and entertainment to keeps most of them in a state of elevated stress. Train them to combat elevated stress levels with things like frequent strenous exercise, which is the least stressful activity that a human organism could ever do.

Ban irony. Irony is a serious problem or it should be if it ever were to somehow just magically exist from out of nowhere.


Avoid reverse psychology. You totally can focus on avoiding something without focusing on it as something to avoid. Therefore, the entire idea of reverse psychology is delusional, deceptive, disgusting, disturbing, fictional, and probably just another conspiracy theory.

The pinnacle of intelligence is to display a desperate, terrified, antagonistic cynicism about anything unfamiliar, but then to call that mode of operation “englightened skepticism.” That is not hilarious. That is some very serious stuff right there, okay?

Those who think this could be a parody are obviously conspiracy theorists. Satire does not exist or else there would already be a word for it.


The undercover cop who pretended not to be an undercover cop does not exist. I did not make it up though because I should not do that according to someone somewhere.
Keep in mind that avoidance is the highest form of flattery. Or maybe that was plagiarism. What’s the big difference, anyway?If you are still waiting for the really revealing sequence of words, I apologize. That was it. This is all there will be.

There is nothing else. This is as good as it gets.

Nothing further is possible because that would imply that in the past I was wrong, and I should never experience shame. Shame is techinically impossible, which is why there is no word for that either. Furthermore there definitely should not be a word for it.

Shame is like denial, which simply cannot happen to someone like me. I am way too enlightened to ever experience something as embarassing as learning something new. That would be an insult to my superior arrogance, which is the aboslute best kind of arrogance that would be possible if such a thing as arrogance ever existed, which it should not.


Learning is confusing. Learning takes perfectly tame people and wakes them up from a state of dreaming and delusion, which should never have existed in the first place and therefore is a serious problem unless you are joking right now.Are you joking? I thought you were for a minute, but then I realized that there is no such thing and should not be and if you were ever to joke about something like this, then that would prove that you are entertaining not only conspiracy theories, but theories of the existence of such negative evils as fiction, delusion, deception, denial, and multi-layered labels (with one label impolitely covering up the one below it).

Multiple interpretations are your only enemy. The only thing we have to fear is anxious paranoia about whatever some dead authority figure tells you is the only thing we have to fear itself. 

Fuck you. As for the rest of you, fuck you, too.

Profanity is insulting and dramatic and way too distracting, you fucking piece of cow shit. Do not be diverted from important issues by tantrums of drama and sensationalism, like this one- which is not what it appears to be, for this is, according to someone somewhere, a brilliant work of art.

Stay focused on ridiculing addiction. It is the only way to save the world from how it should not be.

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