draft of “mutual interest” promo


“Join our network of people focused on working together to be more satisfied, more effective, & more competitive. We offer services and consulting in two main areas of specialization: marketing and investing. We also have programs on powerful communication, emotional evolution, and stress management. We offer a competitive spirit with a cooperative approach. Together, we will go farther!”


Here are four quick questions (to see if our network is for you). Start with the one you like most.


Which is more important to you:

Something general that appeals to many people …or… Something specific that fits you perfectly?
Would you go to a world-famous doctor but then refuse to let them examine you or conduct any tests or even take a medical history? When you are open to receiving expert help, you would want to interact with someone who you know to be experienced and effective, right? Plus you would want them to get to know at least some of the main details of your specific situation, wouldn’t you?

If you prefer the best way to promote your specific interests, then you will be open to partnering with organizations that cater to hundreds of people with customized approaches, not that focus on attracting millions of people with a one-size-fits-all program. For instance, imagine going to a physician who gets paid the same no matter whether you are pleased with the results or not. Plus, they have an endless line of desperate (loyal) patients. They do not care about attracting referrals or good reviews. Even if some people occasionally do have great results through their service, there is no practical incentive to them to produce excellent service- nothing to economically support their business any more or less than if you have very poor results.
Along a similar theme, would you rather your grandkids would be students at a community college or at an expensive private university like Yale? Would you rather be an instructor at a community college (with a fixed budget) or at an institution that is able to reward you generously for excellence?
Keep in mind that most governments are huge organizations, not a small one that is devoted to identifying your personal interests and promoting them very well. Likewise, any big media corporation is also a huge organization, again, not one that is devoted to promoting your personal interests.

Which is more important to you:

Focusing on someone’s condemnation of others …or… focusing on someone’s common interest with you
When the mass media tells the masses what to fear and who to hate and so on, do you realize that it is just their job? They are paid to present certain content in certain ways. First, they need to sensationalize enough controversy to attract the interest of an audience, but without actually causing an unintended panic or major disturbance. They want to create a general environment of tension, intrigue or even moderate paranoia, but not a crisis.
Next, mass media organizations are subject to legal penalties if they are not loyal to the fundamental presumptions approved by powerful interests. Those huge media organizations do need to be concerned with the approval of certain special interest groups, such as regulatory boards. Which subjects are given the most attention is not a casual decision, but a calculated business decision.

So, the mainstream mass media can comfortably promote conspiracy theories about relatively minor things like top secret extraterrestrial “scandals.” However, they would never reveal the secrets of the marketing industry itself.

Also, they would never focus on things that relax the masses too much or things that panic the masses too much. They want people tostay tuned in but not to totally freak out.


Which is more important to you:

Focusing on someone’s condemnation of you …or… focusing on someone’s common interest with you

When someone has no interest in withdrawing condemnation, there may be no amount of justification or contrary evidence that will satisfy them. Even if someone eventually drops most of their accusations, those may just have been to get you to defend yourself enough to set you up for a bigger accusation.
People who are focused on starting an argument may not care about the specific topic of the argument. They may just want to cause emotional upset and distress. They may just be baiting.


Which is more important to you:

Other people approving you …or… other people respecting you

I used to crave approval. In other words, I used to fear disapproval.

Now, I value respect over approval. Here’s why:
Since early in my life, I have noticed people direct a variety of types of disapproval toward me. A few of the forms of disapproving actions directed at me were warning, teasing, taunting, shaming, slapping, pushing, shoving, spanking, ridiculing, scolding, punishing, and raging. I’ve been threatened and in some cases attacked.

I’ve even been attacked when there was no specific issue of personal disapproval. For instance, I have been physically attacked by bees and ants and spiders and dogs. I have also been randomly targeted by burglars, dishonest businesspeople, and computer viruses.
So, I am clear that even when people may display approval, they still may not respect me. They still may attack me.

Plus, that is just considering people- as distinct from bears or snakes or sharks or wolves. The reality is that social approval and even social respect do not guarantee safety or well-being.

Finally, imagine the energy that I could put in to having almost everyone approve of me, but with almost no one really respecting me. In contrast, imagine the same amount of energy that I could put in to having almost everyone respect me, even if very few knew me well enough to voice any approval toward me.

Which would I prefer? I prefer respect over approval. If I perceive that someone is trying to manipulate me with threats of disapproval, I can take that as a sign that they might not respect me.




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