On electrons, anti-oxidants, & grounding



“The Earth’s Surface May Serve as a Giant Source of Antioxidants in the Form of Free Electrons”



This is a blurring of the term “anti-oxidant.” The reality is that anti-oxidants are a giant source of electrons, not the other way around as the author of the above posts apparently misunderstood it.

Electrons are the big issue. TONS of trivial arguments about nutrition are resolved by understanding that without physics, there is no biochemistry. Voltage and pH both measure the same thing: the balance of electrons to protons.

The ignorance within the field that I know as mainstream medicine is related to the fact that mainstream medical training targets returning the human resource to the workplace or the warzone ASAP and has no concern for the long-term health of the organism. There is NOTHING wrong with that. To complain about that is like complaining that a wad of duct tape is not a replacement part.

For people who have no idealism about diet and so on, there is lots of great research on nutrition. However, without proper voltage /pH (which is NOT primarily controlled by dietary factors), great nutrition is like feeding high quality food to a corpse that has been struck by lightening and is fried and smoking. Electricity is THE bigger issue, not biochemistry.

Further, while I am on a roll, the biggest issue in biochemistry is not nutritional either. It is LACK of carbon dioxide (from mid-grade hyperventilation).

I handled (1) electrons and (2) hydration (which is NOT the same as irrigation as in just flooding the body with water) and I am new to handling (3) the issue of raising my levels of CO2 in the blood. These interventions have been MUCH more powerful than nutritional interventions (which I continue to practice). I admit that the nutritional interventions certainly were better than medications designed simply to efficiently interrupt the functioning of “the immune system.”

Duct tape makes great duct tape, but if you want a new screw, duct tape is not that. The results correspond to the action.


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