Complaints of greed by greedy bastards

      • JR had written:re ” If two bulls bully each other over being the dominant bull (who has exclusive sexual access to a bunch of fertile cows), and then one gores the other and it dies, if you condemn that activity of that bull for being based on the sin of greed, then isn’t your condemnation foolish?”Anthony replied:
      • “…Yes, u have a point there with the 2 bulls. But that is fighting for survival, the weakest will die….In my country, greed and corruption is the centre point of our survival. Greed costs us tax payers a lot of money each year, it pains me deeply.”
    • jrfibonacci Says:
      You sound like what I call an idealist. Governments throughout human history have extorted wealth from their subjects.If that scares you, that is a sign of intelligence. If that “makes you sad,” that is a sign of repressed grief that you have the opportunity nowtorelease- to experience relief through some “catharthis.”Coercion is the foundation of government. Violence and intimidation and extortion are key, with propaganda being also very useful in efficiently intimidating compliance with the system of inequitable redistributing of wealth:“We take in proportion to someone’s capacity to give and we give in proportion to the need of the recipient. For instance, if we say that Israel needs $6 million dollars a day in grants and aid, then that is how we define need. Or, if we say $6 million dollars a *week* is what they need, then that is how we define need. The bottom line is that we take by force and then we define *need,* not the masses of proletariat goyim sheeple.”

          • Anthony replied again:

            “Well said. Take by force and then define the need. I wish my local government would define there need when they take our money and waist it.”

        • jrfibonacci Says: 

          You waste your wishing on them. They are an operation of organized piracy. Respect them as such. They are well-armed thugs who, in many cases, commit cold-blooded acts of ritual human sacrifice in order to better intimidate the masses. (Or maybe the local court system does not execute criminals, but they are part of the global network of governing systems- established by the Prophet Noah and revised slightly in 1455 AD by the ruling King of Kings of the time.)

        • It is fine to publicly criticize the government to fit in socially. However, if you condemn anyone within your heart, that is a sin against God. You have been condemning God’s creation.

          Why? Fear and idolatry.

          Repent. Withdraw your contempt.



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