Almighty Time vs the threat to the Almighty

Time is eternal. It is everywhere. It has power over all forms (which are all only temporary). 

How could anyone ever escape from it? What is outside of time?

What can oppose time? What can reverse time? What can defeat time? What can change time?


Time is Almighty. Further, time has no challenger.

Unlike the mythical figure of a God who is weak enough that a fallen angel could rebel against that God (or challenge the authority of that God), time is the inclusive god of monotheism.The religious systems that propose the existence of a challenger or devil are obviously not really monotheistic. Those systems worship both of their competing pair of sacred idols: the villain and the savior. That is a false pretense of monotheism: an imposter.


Time is not that so-called Lord who is so weak that rebels would need to be identified and then intimidated in to obedience. Time does not compel obedience for there is no disobedience to the actual Almighty, The Lord of Lords. Disobedience is only an issue to charlatans, false gods, or idols.


For those who are open to witnessing the Almighty Will of the Lord of Lords, that Will is manifest in all forms and all experiences. No matter where they look, they find another aspect of the Creation of the Almighty Will.
There is nothing outside of the Creation of the Almighty. Even the poetic figure of a devil must be recognized as a manifestation of any singular, inclusive, Almighty power. The diabolical slanderer who throws labels around in order to influence and deceive… is  also a creation of the single Creator, just a useful protaganist invented by the Almighty author.

So, there is no disobeying the Almighty. No creation of the Almighty can ever stop being just a creation.
When confused people argue over “is this the Will of God or not,” they display that they are insecure idolaters who do not know the Almighty. They lack clarity, so they lack faith (confidence, certainty). Eventually, if they get frustrated and humiliated enough to be motivated to change, then they may eventually stop their idolatry and begin a totally new exploration.

So, the Almighty is the source of poetic symbols such as a Devil or a personal Savior. The Lord over all of creation is the one who forms all creations (all forms of all creatures). The Almighty also forms all labels and every language.

Good and evil are poetic symbols of the Almighty. Identities like Devils and Saviors are all instruments of the Almighty, like branches of a single tree, all with the same trunk.


Time may arrange for humans at an early developmental stage to worship the symbolic tree of “the knowledge of good and evil,” which is the stage of opposition and conflict (and confusion). Because a human may still be immature and afraid, they may worship the idea of a good that overcomes evil.
Incidentally, that is based on a misunderstanding of the words “good and evil.” That is like worshiping the idea of one side of a piece of paper overcoming the other side. Good and evil are two sides of the same symbolic coin.


So, time may construct the poetic figures of a cautious divine power that is opposed by another power that is permissive and encouraging. One character says “Do not give any attention to reverse psychology,” while the other quietly says “that is a lie, a trick, just a way to confuse you and control you!”

Eventually, the more masculine of the two isolated and opposing divine powers curses the “shameful criminals” after they faithfully perform the task assigned to them by the jealous god who forbids taboo subjects like reverse psychology. In particular, the people were programmed to resist the idea of eating the poison apple, then after resisting with intense concentration, they surrendered to the programmed temptation by eating the apple and then fell under the spell of the wicked witches (or wizards).

Because of their “shameful crimes,” all of humanity is alleged to be subject to the curses issued by that God, the one who frightens people with threats of eternal punishment, yet also offers bribes of rewards of eternal paradise. The essential partner of that God is of course the divine power symbolizing temptation. It is the classic “good cop, bad cop” routine. It is like the public defender and the prosecutor who both have the same boss.


Why did the imperial Hebrew Prophets eventually claim global domination over all of humanity? The taming of the uncivilized was proclaimed to be only as a service to those enslaved and slaughtered and civilized.

What was the benefit of the service? The reward was salvation from the Hebrew God’s threat (publicized by Noah) of another apocalyptic destruction like the prior great flood.

For instance, Moses only ordered the Hebrew priests to slaughter the masses of sinners in order to promote the “greater good.” Those rituals of human sacrifice have continued for thousands of years, but much less frequently than their rituals of animal sacrifice.

In the specific case of the Hebrew genocide against the Midianites, the faithful were commanded to kill all of their opponents (including women and children) except for fertile female virgins, who were given to the Israelite soldiers and their allies as part of their compensation package. These passages from the Old Testament give an accounting of the events: 
Numbers 31: 15, 17-18: 15 “Have you allowed all the women to live?” [Moses] asked them [the military leaders]…. 17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.”

Numbers 31:32-40:

32 The plunder remaining from the spoils that the soldiers took was 675,000 sheep, 33 72,000 cattle, 34 61,000 donkeys 35 and 32,000 women who had never slept with a man.

 36 The half share of those who fought in the battle was:
337,500 sheep, 37 of which the tribute for the LORD was 675;

 38 36,000 cattle, of which the tribute for the LORD was 72;

 39 30,500 donkeys, of which the tribute for the LORD was 61;

 40 16,000 people [virgin women], of which the tribute for the LORD was 32.

Some people may be offended by the methods that were developed and advanced by the Ancient Hebrews. However, being offended by the Will of the Almighty is normal and is simply a sign of immaturity.
Forget, at least for a while, any condemnations that you may have made against what the Almighty may have done. If you condemned any other creation of the Almighty, perhaps that was only because you also learned to do so to attempt to temporarily promote your own self-interest. Further, if you condemned the Will of the Almighty, and if the Will of the Almighty is Almighty, then it must have been the Will of the Almighty for you to condemn the Will of the Almighty. Get over it!
Time is what created you. Time is also what gave you the experience of shame, (not as a punishment for the horrific crime of being human, but just as a normal human experience). Time presented you with rewards and punishments, as well as with language, along with the form of deception labeled “reverse psychology.” Through time, you experience learning. Welcome to time.
By the way, if you experience the perception that you currently need a savior to rescue you from the hell of your shame and agonizing, then perhaps that is a sign that you have not been worshiping the Almighty, but just some idol. Only those who believe that they are not already saved would be anxious about finding a savior and obeying.

The fruit or result of some worship is the experience of fear, chronic tension, personal antagonism, and distress. Faith and poise contrast with the poisonous fruit of the great deceiver.


Could you have a deep sense of calm through worshiping one who cannot be disobeyed? What agonizing could persist if one discards the perfetionist’s schizophrenic quest to sort  good from evil? Stop worshiping hell and you will escape it by no longer practicing it.
Could you humbly accept that the Almighty is Almighty? Of course, even one who accepts the Almighty could still claim a pretense of fearing some devil who threatens the Almighty. If some lack the intelligence to identify the sarcasm, so be it.

Those who worship sincerity may have their full reward already. They may fear being labeled insincere. Does an actor following a script fear being identified later as someone who was just pretending all along? (I suppose that could depend on whether they are an undercover cop in a sting operation, a spy in a war zone, or just an entertainer in the studio.)



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