Please stop staring at my moobs!

Please stop staring at my moobs!

This is why I protest reserve psychology. People should not use it. Some anti-negativity protesters defend it and say that it is like sarcasm and satire, except they blindly ignore that it is 9,000% worse.

Last year alone, reverse psycholoyg claimed the lives of 49 billion dead fish. Yes, the fish had been dead for a few yeaRs alreday, but they were unclaimed, which starts to smell really bad eventually.

Anyway, that is enough fish to pile up from the earth to the moon 920 times. So, be very careful because that is the kind of thing that using reverse psychology can do to you too.

Just say no to reverse psychology. Furthermore, I cannot and will not condone the attentive use of language. People who use language without intelligence should be shot and then fed to dead fish (eventually).



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