Idealists can criticize imperialism while loyally supporting the empire

Empires tend to consider “foreign countries” to be either current colonies or potential future colonies. Empires that are extremely stable also may encourage (or at least allow) some section of the people to be “anti-imperialist” so as to create good PR for the empire:

(Here is the kind of things that are often said by the idealists that empires love to cultivate:)

We are the real America and we love ALL foreignors (because we live in so much luxury and safety and complacency that we are totally unconcerned with the prospect of actually ever being a military target… since we won the cold war adn the USSR is done and now we can relax and have a big party). However, just to be clear, do not expect me to pay $7 or $10 for a gallon of gas like those wretched people in Europe. Basically, as long as we can get gasoline for around $3 per gallon (or wherever the “line in the sand” is drawn today), then we promise to passionately protest by waving big signs every time that any country invades you, including our own.

In particular, other countries should not invade you and use your resources. That is not fair, plus you should sell your resources to us for a fair price that is in no way influenced by the immense intimidation system of the US military and our empire’s “military intelligence” network of “diplomacy” (assassination, etc…). Just don’t ask us to ride bicycles and cut back commercial transportation. Don’t be silly. I am an American. I have a RIGHT to cheap mail delivery and cheap imports from the third world and so on. I have a constitutional right to gasoline for under $2.399 per gallon! Don’t test me! You should congratulate me on my tremendous goodwill and sainthood. I mean now. I mean by bowing down right now. Yes, like right now.

This post was written in response to a post on facebook featuring this image:


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