who loves you the most: the media or the government?

Idealists who are counting on the mainstream media to be something other than what the mainstream media actually is… eventually may have the opportunity to experience disappointment and disillusionment. Though many may resist the ending of illusions, that resistance is also based on another illusion.

By experiencing disillusionment (or the collpasing of idealism, false presumptions, and idolatry), then a new stage is possible: clarity. If someone reaches the stage of disgust with the mainstream media, that may be more healthy than delusion. If one reaches the stage of boredom with the mainstream media, than may be healthier than disgust.

Congratulations to those who are getting bored with the endless scandal of mainstream media, and with their mixture of perma-crisis and perma-optimism. There may be a crisis underway, but the mainstream media’s primary job soon may be to distract the mainstream from the actual crisis and have the masses believing in a different crisis and responding as if that other crisis were real/important/relevant. (Tonight’s special coverage of the Donny Osmond Divorce Crisis is being interuppted because of breaking news about something even more important to your future than that!)

For now, the mainstream media’s primary job may be to discount the idea that there is already a different kind of crisis already underway or emerging. Stay tuned for more after this commercial break and a special word from our sponsors. “Is stress killing you? Try tamiflu!”

Okay, welcome back to the show! Everything is under control. Please return to your cubicles. This is only a test. In the event of an actual emergency, the government (which loves you personally like it’s only begotten son) will send someone to knock on your door and rescue you from the latest villains that they have identified on your behalf. Staying in your cubicle is your only path to salvation and eternal paradise after you die. Stay tuned for more after another word from our other sponsor in the same industry as the last sponsor. We you love the most because we are your favorite channel.


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