Noah: an early proposal to bring all of humanity under 1 government

Many people complain about what they may perceive to be variations in the ways that governments lie (or keep secrets). What if every governing system in human history has used deception in the planning, establishment, and operation of that system?

My typical reference to the nature of systems of governing goes back to the ancient Hebrew warlord Noah and his claim to have rightful authority over all humans throughout the planet. A very similar claim was repeated thousands of years later in 1302 by the warlord officiating over the Holy Roman Empire, the Pope. Many similar claims have been made- with more or less publicity.

The Noahide commandment “to establish courts of justice (to govern all who are ignorant or disloyal)” was passed down by oral tradition and then later written in to the Torah. Noah was the acting dictator, then the Levites became the ruling class among the Hebrews, then on Noah’s command and with the intimidating brutality of the Levites to motivate them, the Hebrews as a whole created their first strategies for subduing and ruling the heathens (the various other ethnic groups AKA gentiles). “Heathens” means people who are uncivilized, unenlightened, ignorant, naive, worshipers of idealisms and idolatries.

The ruling priesthood established programs to promote efficiency and compliance among the ruled peoples. The success of their endeavour is demonstrated throughout popular versions of history, though of course popular versions of history are themselves just programs to promote compliance and efficiency.



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