The ideal of an honest, fair, propaganda-free government

Some perfectionists may raise a cry of rebellion and rally together with words like “fellow citizens of the world.” Let’s slow down a bit and review the reality of things, like the phrase “no longer” in the image below….

No longer? Like in 1820? Like in 1910?

Once there was a baby who was so ashamed that the baby complained about how much things had changed in the last 3 months, then blamed the changes on others. What had changed? Mostly the baby’s own perceptions.

On March 32nd, 1984, the US government switched from being exactly how they presented themselves in propaganda as the perfect glorious ideal. Suddenly, they were overtaken by exactly 7 people who were willing to begin to use violence and deception and propaganda in the operation of government, which had never before happened in human history. The next day, the horrible shame and demoralization that the baby experienced when it realized that it had just been a naive baby all along… suddenly relaxed and disappeared.



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