If God made the devil evil…

God said “I am content”
The devil said “oh my god, no, things should be so much different….

those frustrating people should agree with me
those disappointing people should glorify me
those confusing people shouldn’t envy me
all those disgusting people should be brought to their knees
(they’re terrifying!)”

God said the devil is just worried who loves him
for the devil is afraid of feeling love toward someone
“I do not condemn him,” said God, “for he’s my own creation…
I can relate to his naivete (which he calls sincerity).”

The devil said “oh God, hell no! I was just pretending.
I don’t really care though I may say that I do.
I am the devil, right? I am the challenger, the rebel,
the slanderer, the villain, the bad guy, the fool.

Yeah, if this was a movie, we’d cast Anthony Hopkins
he’s calm and freaky- kind of makes the skin crawl.
Hold on, wait… or maybe Jack Nicholson
I forgot about him. Let me give it some thought….”


God knows that the devil tells stories 
justifying ten thousand justifications
By the way, these are all really good excuses
Not just any words but only very good ones




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