Audio: “What matters now”

What matters now?
This is exclusively for people with a life that allows them the luxury of calm reflection, analysis, and speculation. Further, the language of this writing is appropriate only for a certain quality of reader.
This is a brief confrontation with the question of “what matters now?” The question is designed to include the issue of “now,” so that the question of “what matters now” is explicitly designed to produce a wide range of answers across time.

It is a simple question that is uniquely practical. By the way, it might even be fun.

Before we explore the depths of our primary question, here is a quick foundation. First, we reocgnize that life involves a range of patterns from one extreme of unconscious, instinctive reflexes (which we could call a vegetative state or “deep sleep”) toward a distinct extreme of attentive, adaptive responses. Somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, we could use labels like the dream state or a condition of being tired or drowsy or exhausted, as well as a stage of relative naivete or a lack of alertness or maturity or sophistication.

Many organisms automatically develop sensory perception of various kinds like sight and hearing, but only a very small fraction of earthlings also develop a complex communication method called language. The unique capacity for using complex language has been labeled as a huge advantage for humanity’s adaptiveness (relative to other species of earthlings).

Specifically, language allows for a very accelerated programming of other human organisms. For instance, this sequence of words, like all other sequences of words, has the sole purpose of altering your attention, influencing your perception, and programming distinct patterns of future behavior.Some methods of social programming openly reference the fact that they are methods of social (interpersonal) programming. Other methods do not reference their purpose(s). Some patterns of communication may even distract from their purpose, or obscure their purpose, or, in the extreme, deny that they have any purpose whatsoever.

What matters now? Consider a simple idea. The actual functional meaning (the real meaning or purpose) of any instance of communication is the resulting behavior that the communication actually produces. Maybe the produced result will be surprising or perhaps very familiar. Maybe it will be called intentional or unintentional. People may also argue about which alleged influences caused which effect.

What is the purpose of such arguing? Speculating with calm curiosity about potential influences does not require arguing. Arguing is rather the opposite of calm speculation and inquiry.

So, why would anyone ever argue? What does arguing always produce?

Consider that arguing may or may not distract people from what is otherwise obvious. However, arguing that is sincere, passionate, and even terrified clearly is not a method for producing relaxation, curiosity, insights, creativity, and breakthroughs.

So, consider that there is no other meaning to language except for the result produced. For instance, arguing may produce a distraction from what is otherwise obvious.
Consider that language is nothing more than a tool for social influence- potentially influencing the attention, perception, and/or behavior of other humans.
Next, what matters now? Your life matters to you, right, but consider that your life as you know it will eventually end. Not only will the current circumstances of your life end, but your human life itself will eventually conclude. A medical specialist may be there to reach over and touch your body to check to see if the heart is still beating or not and then they may pronounce the official death of another human organism. Eventually, something like that could happen right?

So, what matters now? If you were in a life-threatening situation, you might not be exploring this subject with me today. If you needed emergency medical attention and you have a way to obtain it, then you are probably not reading this right now.However, if you were to ever experience an emergency, then remaining calm can be one of the most effective responses. If you need to physically flee or fight, then it could be very adaptive to have an extreme stress response with a racing heart rate and breathing patterns that allow for intense physical activity.

Otherwise, this could be a good time to calm the *bleep* down. In fact, go ahead.

Do that now. Whatever your current level of intensity and seriousness and self-righteousness, consider the simple intervention of slightly slowing down the pace of your breathing. Maybe you can notice some muscles that could be relaxing right now.

Laugh. Cry. Sigh. Yawn.

Do whatever you would have already been doing if you were not currently as *bleep*ing uptight as you used to be. If you have ever believed that there could be some really powerful authority figure, such as God or some wise prophet, then imagine that they were instructing you right now to relax just a little less than you think might be too much. Okay! Next, after you find out exactly how good that feels, now imagine that your favorite authority commands you to keep relaxing until you feel so good that it is amazing to you.

Can you do that now? Yes, so go ahead. Relax that much. Thank you.

Now, what matters now? I already mentioned that eventually your bodily existence may come to an end. Your body’s ability to be mindful and attentively adapt can end- not just briefly like during sleep, but permanently. In fact, your body’s ability to manifest unconscious, instinctual reflexes (like what happens during sleep) may also eventually just end.

However, for now, you may be aware of the ability to produce unconscious reflexes (such as your ability right this moment to unconsciously decode sequences of words in any language that is familar to you- you can do it without even thinking about it). You may also be aware of the ability to produce intentional, playful explorations for the sole purpose of learning, which we could also call adapting. They might even be fun.
What matters now could be how well you learn. That means how able you are to learn and that also means how that ability to learn is actually developing.

How well could you learn? How quickly might you be willing to learn? How adaptive could you be? How much fun would you be willing to experience now? Even if there was a huge cost in terms of dramatically increasing how much fun you have in your life, how willing could you be to change how relaxed you are?

What if there was an fascinating added benefit of completely losing the ability to waste time in unproductive arguments? Does it matter now whether or not you know how to continue to accelerate the rate at which you are learning? Does it even really matter exactly fast you can learn to have unreasonable amounts of fun even when other people seem to be investing huge amounts of energy in to avoiding the possibility of having an enormous amount of fun now?

What matters? Accepting that you eventually will no longer experience life as a physical organism, could it matter to you how well your household and extended family operate? Perhaps our own descendants (like children or grandchildren) will matter to us more in the future. What if as much as they ever could matter to us is how much they matter to us right now and always?

Would our attention shift if we were focusing on the long-term well-being of our own descendents as well as our close biological kin? If we released any distractions, obsessions, resentments, or habitual tensions that might have previously sacrificed our contributions to the well-being of our kin, how fun could that be?

If we had almost too much fun, how much exactly could this be? If we had almost too much clarity, how clear exactly could we be?

If we learned almost too fast, how fast could be ideal? If we adapt almost too effectively, how effectively could be ideal?

If we calm the *bleep* down, how calm would we be if we are completely relaxed? If we relaxed almost too much, maybe we could later quickly refocus and have a tremendous increase in our ability to concentrate, even for almost too long of a period of time.

What matters now that you know that is okay that you are eventually going to cease to have bodily experiences, such as during a deep sleep? What matters now that you know that you may have sacrficed opportunities to promote the well-being of your biological kin in order to practice the behavior of arguing? What matters now that you know that there are opportunities that may be new to you that you are already learning about almost too quickly?

What matters now includes the way that you use language mindfully. What matters now includes the way that your network of biological kin use language mindfully. What matters now includes the results that you are actually producing. If you frequently and effortlessly produce the experience of fun or of accelerated learning or of the recognizing of new opportunities, how attractive could that be?

What matters now could be that certain patterns or outcomes are distinctly repulsive to you. Once you experience a sense of clarity in regard to your interests and priorities and inspirations, then repulsion may be very attractive. Repulsion, when well-organized and concentrated so as to push you away from a particular solid foundation, is also known as propulsion. The energy of repulsion is the same energy as propulsion.

What matters now could include how solid your foundation is. What matters now could include how clear your destination is. What matters now could be how quickly you can maintain your focus as you increase the energy of repulsion that propels you away from your solid foundation toward the new experience that most powerfully attracts you.

Whenever you sleep in the future, you will continue to re-organize your neurological pathways to promote the developing of what matters now. Your attention and your perception and your behavior will be what matters now. Your highly effective use of language will be what matter now. Your unusually calm and clear and fun life will be what manifests for you while you are awake.

The well-being of any descendants and your extended network of biological kin will be what matters now. If you do not know anyone who is your close biological kin, their well-being will still be dramatically promoted by the immense power of your intent and your unconscious instincts and intuitions.Your future is eternal fulfillment. Your presence now is unquestionable. Your present is freedom.

Receive this gift now with wide open gratitude. Share the gift now with the unreasonable generosity of one whose future is eternal fulfillment.
The power of life itself is your power. You are what matters now.


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