Popular Mythology | Myth #1: Governments care about me personally.

Popular Mythology

Popular Myth #1: Governments care about me personally.

How much does any government organization care about you personally? Let’s start with courts and law enforcement. Unless you are suspected of having broken more than a very minor law (or have lost in a civil lawsuit), most court employees are not likely to take much initiative to interact with you. Maybe they will respond if you contact them and maybe not.

Of course, there are exceptions, like army recruiters may solicit applications from prospective candidates that interest them. They may even “solicit” candidates through court-ordered military drafts.

Or maybe you happen to live where they are planning to build a new highway. So, a group of armed mercenaries from the government give you the courtesy of coming to inform you that they will be taking your property from you at the time they dictate and at the price they dictate.

Maybe they deliver to you an urgent letter first to tell you when they will be coming to take possession of the real estate. Or, maybe they give no warning at all and simply bomb your village.

Of course, the precise patterns of government activity will vary depending on where someone lives. In many places, there is mandatory school attendance for all people of certain age groups. In some places, there is also mandatory participation in the military for all young adults of a certain age (or almost all). Of course, there are different forms of participation.

Your assignment will depend on things like your citizenship and other methods for discriminating between who will be trained as officers, infantry, and so on. For instance, health restrictions like poor vision may be used to exclude someone from pilot training.

in israel, all young people of a certain age, male or female, are drafted in to mandatory military service

Also, some assignments will be quite dangerous and uncomfortable while others will be quite safe and relaxed. The soldiers below may experience their assignment as rather like a long vacation or a very fun summer camp.

The picture below may remind you of some young women playing around on spring break. However, it is a photo of real soldiers with real weapons in real military barracks.

So, would a government ever intentionally direct an individual to take actions that might be dangerous for that individual? Would a government ever train an individual to take actions that might be intentionally dangerous to one or more “enemy targets?”

Some governments may categorize you personally as a very important asset, or a disposable resource, or a targeted enemy. In fact, even “your own government” may target you as a highly-attractive recruit for some form of government employment.

Because of the immense number of “human resources” that governments may attempt to organize to conduct campaigns of violence, public perceptions about that government may be very important to the recruiting process. Public perceptions can be influenced through programming the public with schools and mass media.

In fact, governments may not only regulate schools (such as to prohibit unapproved content), and not only directly fund schools, but may also actually operate schools. Further, governments may not only regulate media (such as to prohibit unapproved content), and not only directly fund media, but may also actually operate media.

What myths might governments promote about their own operations? What myths might governments promote about the operations of other “enemy” governments?

israeli female soldiers

Of course, governments are not the only organizations that may be interested in promoting myths. Some people consider the indoctrination programs of certain religious groups to be promoting myths (which generally means any story used to influence the actions of groups of people, leading them to take actions that benefit the group that is publicizing the story). For instance, there is a very popular practice in some places of deceiving small children in order to promote obedience through stories designed to excite young children and confuse them, such as the myth of Santa Claus.

You better be good or you will not get a prize. Further, you better not be naughty or else Santa will know that, so he will give other good little kids all of his bribes and you will not get any rewards at all. You will get public humiliation instead. You may even produce the result of eternal damnation.

However, if you conform like you should, then you can look forward to dying proudly in our next military crusade. You can look forward to your heroic and patriotic death because then you will be rewarded with an eternity spent with dozens of attractive virgin sexual partners, which by the way should be your primary obsession in life- well, other than following orders.

Therefore, be VERY careful because Big Brother is watching you constantly. In fact, he is watching every single living creature at every moment. He is psychic and so he can tell instantly if your conscience is not as paranoid as it should be. Public displays of blind conformity are obviously the only solution.


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