Selling the quest to find a cure for scurvy

  • I used to be annoyed by all the people who seem to insist that the diagnostic label of cancer refers to something that is hard or expensive to cure. Either they are calmly interested in science and “cures” or they are not really focused on that issue and instead are satisfied with some comment from a perceived authority, like on a TV show or the author of a popular book or whatever. If a few MDs indicate that they lack an awareness of an inexpensive cure and that is satisifying to someone in regard to their level of interest in understanding health and physiology, then perhaps they are not very motivated. Are they as motivated as those who attribute their recoveries from cancer to “alternative” approaches which they sought out and studied and used?

    Eventually, after immense resistance from certain institutions, the idea of the earth revolving around the sun became popular. Likewise, after immense resistance from certain institutions, the idea that there is a living demon called scurvy that possesses organisms and causes unfavorable effects was eventually discarded and science prevailed. Institutions changed their former errors and began to promote the idea that there is a compound called vitamin C that when abundant promotes lots of bodily processes.

    An oath-sworn priesthood of ignorant physicians, who have been trained and protected through government-regulated programs, for a long time promoted the model of worshiping a demon called scurvy. Many attacked those who questioned them. Eventually, even those same physicians either died or reformed their religious superstitions about scurvy to conform to science.

    Institutions tend to promote ideas that promote the interests of the institution itself. Governments are one such type of institution.

    1 hr · Edited · Like Some mistrust corporations and private companies to act in the interest of the public because they are profit motivated, others mistrust government due to bureaucracy and political power seeking. What is needed is a global paradigm shift
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn All groups tend to promote the interest of that group. Why is a paradigm shift needed? Why global? Why not personal?
     Because very soon, among other reasons, such as massive species extinctions, there will be very expensive medical procedures that are able to extend life to double the current human lifespan, and we are not going to be able to invest in everyone under our current system. Who will receive this technology? The wealthy? The reason we need a paradigm shift is because unless we control population numbers, become better stewards of the planet, and reevaluate why we are here and what is important in this world, humanity will unfortunately, not survive as a species. Our only hope of survival is a unified world with one flag, probably one language, and get rid of the current economic system for a classes, moneyless, high tech, interconnected society.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Why are you concerned about the survival of the human species as a whole? What if all the presumptions upon which you base your concern are- to the very last one of them- just plain wrong?

    Next, let’s say that humanity as a species last 29.4 million more years or only 28.2 million more years. Why should I be concerned?

    Or, let’s say that humanity as a species last 29.4 more seconds or only 28.2 more seconds. Again, why should I be concerned?

    When people focus on promoting their own quality of life, including in groups and networks, that produces certain results. When people focus on anything other than promoting their own quality of life, that can extend in to what I call idealism.

    “Idealists” tend to get riled up over not just opposing views, but even over an “insulting” lack of sufficient enthusiasm for their ideals. Ask a Tea Party enthusiast or a Vegan about “traitors” who used to agree with them but now express reduced enthusiasm to “the great cause.”

    An idealist’s quality of life tends to be quite restricted- lots of paranoia and guilt, like “I need to save the planet by 7:54 PM tonight or else I will go to hell when I die where I will experience eternal damnation and agony and misery.” Their lives are filled with agonizing and paranoia.

    When you were 2 years old, you did not say that humanity needed saving from evil or from naivete. You did not argue about what is important in this world. 

    Maybe you were much more relaxed than lately. What if all of a sudden you totally relaxed?

    Could that influence your health, your circulation, your respiration, your alertness? Maybe I think what humanity really needs is to find a cure for scurvy. Just another $925 million more and I am sure that we can find the demon of scurvy somewhere. We can worship that demon and then fight it with lots of expensive therapies and drugs and surgeries to remove the scurvy from the organism.

    Or, we could realize that scurvy is not a tangible living entity. It is just a label for an effect. Ignorant people who are not attentive and mindful in their use of langauge may religiously worship the diagnostic label as if it is not just a mere unit of language, but as if it was a demon that possessing organisms and kills them and steals their vitamin C. Maybe that is something for you to think about.


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