global warming or political hoaxing

First, I disclose that I am not especially interested in the issue of global warming itself and I do not know why the average individual would be… except of course for the massive amounts of publicity that someonre must want to give this issue. I am interested in logic and intelligent conversation though, so….

Clearly, the issue of global warming has been promoted by certain interests as a justification for certain political proposals (new regulatory powers, new taxes, etc). Clearly, most people have not seen much actual data on variations in global temperature (or temperature variations on other planets during the same time periods). Clearly, most people have no “real” comprehension of the variety of factors that influence global temperature, such as variations in solar activity. Clearly, many people who are generally intelligent are aware of the idea of a series of massive fluctuations in global temperature called “ice ages.”

So, why then is there so little actual scientific information presented about “global warming?” Why is there so little interest in the actual data? Why don’t people care about the data? Why don’t they look it up? Why isn’t it very well-publicized… if the issue is so important to so many people?

If some theory of global warming advanced an agenda that I favored, then I could imagine championing it without regard to it’s accuracy. The same applies to ridiculous quackery like “cholesterol causes illness.” That is a very profitable theory, but obviously inaccurate to anyone who studies the issue.

Correlation is not causation. Cholesterol levels rising is a bodily response mechanism to balance pre-existing imbalances. It only takes a few people with rising cholesterol level plus decreasing sypmtoms to completely dispell the confusions promoted by mainstream “science.” 

Further, by reducing cholesterol production (through statin medications, for instance), that cripples the immune system, inhibiting the production of a long list of hormones. There is nothing quite so ridiculous as the promotional claims of mainstream charlatans. They need to repeat their myths with great frequency in order to prevent an outbreak of critical thinking and intelligence.



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