How is a system of justice “broken?”

Derpity Flerp replies:

You know… is it the system that is broken or [maybe it could be a little of that as well as this next thing, too] the common man or woman who is broken? As if they really wanted peace… would they be fighting for it? Would they be fighting for the “rich man’s gold” if peace was the desire? Laughable at best…and if white man can’t jump they can’t really assess the actual issues clearly either.

Herpity Derp adds:

“Or, Woody, maybe that is the first sign of how the system is working perfectly. The unrestricted WILL of the majority may be the fundamental enemy of all systems of governing, right? My wife and I were talking just yesterday about how either of the two of us has more political power than any of our 4 young children, even when they combine forces to try to manipulate the two parents in to taking them to Disneyland every weekend”

So, yes to Derpity Flerp, and what if the system functions to “break” the commoners (like taming a horse is called “breaking” it)? BREAK their WILL!

Also, I am very empathetic to the plight of those who are the most unfortunate, such as Woody, who has no interest in public perception of him (and no demons of guilt leading to him saying idealistic and trivia things about “peace and justice”). He reminds me so much of me about 21 years ago. Maybe with time, he will mature….

Anyway, I love to comment on things, don’t you, too, Derpity (and Woody)? I love to show my opinions and receive standing ovations for my performance of my role as smarty-pants with a smarty-ass inside. I am such a smarty!

So, on that note, most people are “mindless” in regard to the use of the word justice. If 4 people can use it to reference 4 specific outcomes that are not only distinct but totally contradictory, then maybe none of them are using it very well.

“Justice” is the pronouncement (dictation) of the ruler (the one who can issue legally-binding judgments enforced by the imperialist system of court-ordered coercion and conquest). Justice is always violent. Justice is always forced redistribution from one group to another.

When Woody used “peace” to refer to “the absence of disruptive military conflict,” that is fine by itself. However, to say “peace and justice” like he did establishes him as a retard and a communist (who often say retarded things like that).

Justice is the systematic redistribution of wealth through the disruption of domestic tranquility through the use of organized violence (especially against civilian non-combatants) to intimidate the masses in to paying taxes patriotically by April 15th. Anyone with half a brain can assess the simple reality of the issues, right? (Alas, poor Woody probably would jump up and down very high in response to this very frightening sequence of totallyinfuriating plain statements of fact.)

“What the common people want is the absence of organized violence and the presence of organized violence.” Right. They want Woody to display an absence of organized violence when they come to take away all of that retard’s huge hoarded concentrations of wealth (by force). 

Pay your taxes, bitch. We promise to clean up the environment real good if you personally give us $70 million within the next week (by the tax deadline). Better get to work though because you are still a few million bucks short and we don’t want to have to cut off a horse’s head and stick in the bed next to you.


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