the relieving “death” of the personal identity during orgasm

From a conversation about meditative bliss, samadhi and such things, consider that humans as they mature develop a neurological filter that we can call a personal identity. That filter will exclude the vast majority of sensory input and then organize sensations in to perceptions (which is an interpretative or creative process).

Consider the example of a dog that is sleeping and we observe it moving it’s legs as if running. We can say “it is dreaming” and monitor the electrical signals in the brain and in the legs and say “that dog believes that it is awake and it is interpreting electrical stimulations in the brain as real experiences so that interpretative process is triggering the nerves for running.” This is very distinct from a cramp or a seizure, though related.

It is a simple enough intellectual exercise to conceive of such things. The personal identity is an activity of creative dreaming just as much as the dog’s dreaming. That idea is generally considered absurd or offensive to the ego/ personal identity. However, many spiritual traditions reference that if the personal identity can change over the course of a lifetime, than it is not fundamental (not eternal), but just another changing form of the awareness / Brahman / Divine Being (which is fundamental). Also, the medical observation of “multiple personality disorders” clearly indicate that personal identity can change INSTANTLY (and dramatically).

Further, at various times, there may be an actual awake neurological state when for some reason the “normal” filter of a personal identity is not operating. I have had that experience myself. Instead of only seeing or hearing, there is a “full-spectrum” of *feeling* a huge range of vibration and frequency. Rather than isolated sensations of isolated “external objects relative to me,” there is a direct experiencing of LIVING ENERGY.

That could be related to the word kundalini and other terminology that is not so familiar to me. In regard to sexual activity (the main topic of the original converation on facebook), it may be that kundalini is a label that some people apply to any surge of electricity that temporarily over-rides the normal filter of personal identity (such as the normal repressions that might keep a woman from gyrating wildly or loudly screaming in pleasure).

The French call orgasms a “little death.” The normal repressions that social conditioning programs on to an organism can be thought of as like a dam. The dam can leak briefly (a peak experience). The dam can crumble and break (a collapse of the identity), like when a senile elderly person experiences dementia and returns to an infantile state (perhaps with no possibility of recovery- like a computer hard-drive deleted and melted in to a piece of jewelry).

Regarding spiritual “advancement,” the experience of a total absence of neurological filters may be presented as “ideal.” That is not my orientation. Neurological filters are useful. Obsession over the alleged superiority of the absence of neurological filters is absurd, insane, ashamed, and miserable. In my opinion, many people are lured in to “addiction” to cults and denominations because of the promise of a salvation of “removing your ego, which is the cause of all your misery.”

However, the reactive *defending* of what is familiar is suffering (dukkha, agonizing, hell). So, in traditions like Buddhism, there is often reference to “moderation” – even between the extremes of infantile “bliss” and the terrified paranoia of “egotists.”


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  1. josephsabater Says:

    Excellent analysis with fascinating conclusions. The most useful scheme for this purpose is the Five Sheaths (Panjakosha) of Patanjali’s classical yoga, which conforms both to Sanatana Dharma (Hindu) and the Buddha Dharma. The five sheaths, layers or spectra range from gross-local to subtle-nonlocal. Lower layers are content of the medium which is the next higher layer. The five layers are: the physical, subtle, mental, supramental and blissful. Thus the physical layer is the content of the subtle layer which is its medium. As in standard media theory, the medium transcends its content and is imperceptible from the level of content. In the kundalini experience, however induced, and the orgasm experience the mental spectrum where all subjective reality is experience becomes fixated on a single object – a mantra, a mandala or sexual self surrender. This singular focus (ekagrata in Sanskrit) momentarily unifies the five layers so that pure bliss, the Anandamayakosha, is directly cognized.
    The term “neurological filters” fits neatly into this schema. The filters: annamayakosha, pranamayakosha, manomayakosha and vijnanamayakosha are not so much disabled as immobilized in the orgasmic and also in the samadhi experience. Reversion to the manomayakosha (mental) level is natural and useful. However with repeated experience the mental realm is no longer mistakenly perceived as an independent reality separate from our inner self.
    Thus we find an empirical neurological investigation of the selfless-Bliss state corresponds closely to Patanjali’s ancient taxonomy of yogic consciousness.

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