The “Good Luck Club”

Nothing else can bring you a wave of good luck like when you take new actions


The secret to good luck may simply taking the right actions. So, how exactly do we know which actions are right?

Which do you value more: familiar methods or attractive results?
We can value actions based on the actual results produced. Actions that are popular and familiar might be very valuable, or perhaps you might have better luck with new (unfamiliar) actions.

How important is it to understand WHY something works so well?
To get the results of an action, we do not need to understand why an action produces certain results.  However, understanding can be very useful. Understanding can help us to know which actions are NOT effective (or even are counter-productive).
example: electricity-

Do you need to understand gravity to be able to use it? How about electricity? Does understanding how electricity works at all change the results produced by an action?
For example, imagine someone sticking a copper wire in to an electrical outlet. Does understanding electricity change the results? If I’m sitting here while touching the wire  and reading some explanation of how electricity works, do I suddenly get different results based on a new understanding?No, understanding does not produce new results unless it produces new actions. Expectations can change my results though. But that is a different issue.

On the subject of understanding how something works, understanding is simply not required. Practicing only the wise actions (and avoiding unwise actions) works equally well no matter whether the result of blind luck, grace, intuition, self-discipline based on understanding, or even just indoctrination.

Faith without action is no substitute for faith with action
Did you believe as a child that obeying your parents was a good idea because Santa Claus was watching? If so, then maybe that belief (the blind faith) helped you to produce the favorable results that came from obeying your parents.However, whether or not you believed that Santa was watching did not effect the results of the actions. Your only influence on the results you experienced was whether or not you obeyed your parents, not whether you believed in Santa or not at any particular time.

Any justification you gave for why you did what you did was relatively trivial. The actions produced the results, not the explanations for the actions.

So, which methods your parents used to promote your obedience is a different issue. Did they carefully explain electricity and voltage to you? Or, did they simply lie and tell you that Santa will not give you a super hero outfit unless you keep your fingers away from the plugs? It is almost as if they were simply distracting you from focusing on the plugs….


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