priorities vs mere interests: audio from teleconference

Audio of call on April 1st, 2014:





Notes from call on April 1st, 2014:



Name a priority or interest.

Can we “filter” experience to select for “patterns/forms that correspond to that issue / that dimension?”


Possible priorities/ interests:

Peace, health, money


Clarity- speak from clarity & speak for it (to promote it).

Confusion- speak from it & speak for it.




Exclusion/ Rejection




Order- speak from it & speak for it.

Familiarity- speak from it & speak for it.

Precision- speak from it & speak for it.

Power- speak from it & speak for it.


So, people are programmed to organize their perceptions through certain filters or conceptual frameworks. Our genetics focus on certain ranges of frequency (the spectrum of light visible to us and of sounds audible to us). Our cultures program language patterns and value systems.

Imagine a colorblind dog looking at a written banner with a blue background covered by green writing. Not only would the dog be unable to even perceive the letter, but would not be able to read the symbolic codes and form them in to meaningful words or phrases or ideas.


My interest regarding this group is for us as a group to develop our sensitivity to a dimension that is beyond the perceptual range of most humans. Basically, rather than only experience social interaction through the filter of language, we will be able to distinguish between the patterns of life (such as by sight and sound) and the patterns of language.

We will be able to experience with the simplicity or innocence of a child before they learn language but also with tremendous skill in the use of language. By being very mindful of language itself, we will become much less attached to language, yet also much more effective and efficient in using it (when relevant).


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