what causes the effect called cancer?

 For us to say “cancer is caused by toxicity” is not as precise (or useful) as to say that extreme acidity (and/or dehydration) causes inflammation and other dysfunctions, such as the extreme form called cancer. Is there ever an effect called cancer which is not produced by biochemical toxicity? Yes. That is a major issue for the theory of “toxicity causes cancer.”

Bombardment of tissue with neutrons or protons (for instance) can alter the electromagnetic balance (the pH or voltage). That disrupts cellular function, such as mitochondrial functionality (metabolism, energy production). The effect called cancer results.

All “cancers” can be slowed or reversed with electrons (raising pH). However, the most serious obstacle when filling up a bucket is when there is a hole in the bottom, such as the case when there is a metal filling draining electrons. In many cases, simply plugging the hole produces an end to the effect called cancer.

What do I mean by plugging the hole? Let’s start with identifying the hole.

A metal filling (such as mercury or silver or gold) MAY OR MAY NOT be so close to the natural electrical circuits of an organism’s nervous system that it connects/ conducts electrons, producing an CONSTANT leak or drain on energy in to the air. Over the course of decades produces the effects that are given labels like “cancer.” While it is also possible to produce cancerous effects simply by bombarbing an organism with certain kinds of radiation, that does not explain WHERE the cancerous effects develop.

The electrical explanation (which is the same as pH since pH is simply a measure of electrical charge) predicts not only which organ(s) will develop the effects labeled cancer, but more. By removing the metal filling(s) and replacing them with porcelain, that removes the short circuit from the circuit and CAN (when an organism is properly grounded and has access to an abundant supply of electrons) contribute to the electromagnetic rebalancing of the tissue and removal of the accumulated cells of a tumor, such as we call “remission.”


So, Susan asked about how all of this is related to electrical eels. That is a great question.

When I personally lacked the insulation (myelin sheath) to transmit a nerve signal between my brain and my leg, I called that paralysis. 1 single pint of raw cream later (and a good night’s sleep), and “my paralysis disappeared.”

However, paralysis is just a label for an effect. It is not a demon possessing people- no more than scurvy or cancer or autism or acne. (Of those, autism is the closest to a demon because it involves a large colonization of parasites driven in to brain tissue, typically driven there by toxic levels of mercury in vaccines.)

Here is a quote from the article Susan cited:
“How the fish [electric eels] are seemingly able to tolerate large currents at certain times and not at others is a mystery which still eludes research scientists. The answer may lie partly in a thick layer of fat which behaves as an electrical insulator, protecting the eels from their own shocks and, to some extent, the shocks of others.”

So, ignorant researchers in institutions label lots of nature as “a mystery.”
What if the science is quite simple and the researchers have been blind because of false presumptions unsupported by evidence?

When a cell is properly insulated with saturated fat, then it can hold a charge and also maintain proper charge even when strong electromagnetic currents are present. Modern humans mostly consume low amounts of saturated fat and high amounts of PUFAs (fatty acids that are inferior in many ways including for electrical insulation). That is why the modern humans are so easy to electrocute (or even to injure with cell phone radiation or wifi radiation).


Further, by lack of electrical contact with the earth (being ungrounded), they no only cannot hold charge well (because of lack of cellular insulation), but often do not have the proper charge/voltage in the first place (they have too many protons relative to electrons, as in a systemic pH that is too acidiic as in below 7.35). Combine bad fats (poor insulation) with no grounding (no supply of electrons) and lots of electrical drainage from metal fillings (most often\ made from mercury amalgam), and there is a recipe for a huge rise in frequency of the effect called “cancer,” as well as a long list of other auto-immune disorders that are simply not present at all in the populations of most traditional cultures.

If you understand all of this, then it becomes obvious why it is not good to drink sodas with a pH of 3. Why does cooking reduce the electromagnetic integrity of organic tissue? First, it destroys the hydrating effects of the moisture by burning off the liquid. That issue alone is HUGE.

What happens when you have a well-insulated battery cell (in a car battery), plus an ample supply of charge, but no water in the cell? Nothing happens! Without hdyration INSIDE the cell, the electromagnetic functionality of the “battery” is ZERO.

That is why I focus so much on #1 electromagnetic balance, such as by using $1 copper wires, and #2 hydration (by using water engineered to hydrate efficiently OR water from natural sources that provides superior hydration to the average source of water). Hydration is essential to holding charge (just as myelin and saturated fats are essential for insulating the charged or ionized water).

So, acidity plus dehydration always produces the EFFECT of inflammation. Inflammation is not a root cause. It is as simple to produce as putting your skin directly on the burner of a hot stove.

When tissue is being slowly burnt (cooked) from the inside by acidity, we can call that cancer. The paranoid focus on which diagnostic label to worship is a testament to the ignorance of most modern scientists. Why are they so focused on disease and lucrative remedial interventions and so little focused on promoting health? Again, the issue is rather simple.

It does not matter whether you have ever “had” paralysis or cancer or inflammationitis. If you have proper hydration and proper electromagnetic flow, that is the only way to have optimal health.



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